This amazes me! (The price.)

Yes, it’s very crazy! There was a thread about it:

She had one go in a silent auction at Rose for over $14,000. Never did find out the final price. Her work is amazing. I held that baby and I could not believe my eyes.


I would love to hold one just to see what it feels like.

You got to hold one? How did it feel? I’ve heard the silicone babies can be kinda’ sticky and hard. But the looks so soft and cuddly.

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Wish I could have been there to hold her too! How did she feel, was she really soft? :open_mouth: I think her sleeping sculpts are my favorite, although her smilers are very sweet.

The price is pretty up there, literally, isn’t it? I hope the new mom (or dad) is overjoyed with their purchase! I will be very happy if I ever even make 1/4 of that amount someday for a doll :slight_smile:

Hers felt very real. I thought Romie was so sweet to let me hold her. The inside of her mouth was so real. She didn’t feel sticky or hard…just bouncy. :baby::smile:


Like WOW! I just wonder how anyone can shell out that much money for a doll … WOW. And here I can’t sell Corbin for $200 LOL.


There is any place you can buy a full silicon kit. I would love to reborn one for myself in case I win the lottery …ha ha …then I would stress myself baking it…but I could have air dry paints :slight_smile:

I attended the Rose International Doll Show and saw this doll in person. BEAUTIFUL workmanship. I also saw Laura Tuzio Ross’ silicone Alajandro. And he was amazing too. Neither one felt sticky but the weight of a full body silicone is very heavy because they are solid silicone, Alajando was 9 lbs. My friend won the auction for him and it was a very exciting moment. I have to say they both looked so real and they feel so much more like a real baby.


I can’t remeber who at Rose show had them but they had a silicone head and paint to try and see if you want to go further instead of paying out a ton just for a kit to reborn maybe someone that went can remember who had it.

A forum member also sells practice faces with some paint. Maybe she’ll see this and respond.

One Cheaper way to see if your interested in painting silicone.

I’ll take all three lol thank you !

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I’ll Adopt a real one! My husband and I have had foster children but they were reunited with family. :slight_smile:

Well I don’t feel it’s fair to judge people for paying that much for a doll. For the majority of us, it’s unfathomable, unreasonable, whatever (myself included, here). But the reality is, there are some people out there who have tons of money, and spending 20k on a doll for them is like spending $20 on a BB kit for us.

I also don’t think it’s fair for people to say that they should just go adopt an orphan. Not everyone can raise a child, regardless of how much money they have. Heck, I’ve heard of people wanting to adopt but they can’t get approved for whatever reason. And how do you know if this person hasn’'t adopted children, or donated to charity already? That’s the thing. You don’t know anything about this person, so why make assumptions?

In a hobby where we middle-class collectors are often judged on a regular basis (and complain about it), I think it’s ironic to turn around and judge someone more fortunate than we for nearly the exact reasons that we are made fun of too. Instead, we should congratulate Romie on her hard work and business ethics that led to this success. JMO. :blush:

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Well I personally would never pay that much for a doll, even if I had the money, but adopting a child costs much more than $21,000. Babies grow up and need clothes, food, school fees, college, etc. Not only that but kids need love, nourishment, time, patience etc. And not all people can give that. Even though, for all you know, the winning bidder could have children of their own, or adopted, or given to charity. It just depends. I don’t know the person.

If you put it in comparison, there are so many paintings and artwork out there worth hundreds of millions…but in the end they’re just an imitation of life and nature made from a piece of canvas and some paint…yet people still value them highly.

I wasn’t trying to bash you, I totally get what you’re saying. Just that we don’t know the situation the bidder is in, so me personally am hesitant to say anything against that person’s actions.


Maybe these people that buy these dolls already have adopted several children. Who knows or should care? I’m certainly not going to message Romie and tell her that she should adopt a baby or give to charity with her profit from this doll.
I have a list of things that I want(as all are not necessities…a new couch and mattress set) and need for my house. I’ve been able to scratch the roof off my list. The list is extensive and the total cost is well over $22,000. I’m NOT going to feel guilty that I worked hard and bought these things instead of giving to charity or adopting a baby.
My hubby and I spent $25,000 on IVF and stopped because it was becoming financially taxing and we had moved into another house that was going to require greater monthly expenses. Having a baby would have been irresponsible if it meant we would all be struggling. Too many people see children as a right and not a privilege and then wonder why they don’t have every thing they need to independently support themselves.
You don’t even need a large amount of money to foster(with adoption as a option with many of them) a child here in the States. However, look at those that would rather adopt a child overseas than give another that may live in their own city a forever home. I have never understood that.


@cajuncuties, and @calimel that’s basically what I was trying to say as well. I say, it’s ok to have different opinions, but respect each other, I guess. And that isn’t directed at anybody, just my general rule of thumb. I’m just a kid. I’m no expert. :flushed: