Thinning medium and thickening medium?

When do you use them?
I started out using heat set paints but never used either of these. Now I have some and wonder what to use them for. I have used the thinning medium and matte varnish mix to seal but that’s it.


I use thinning medium for my crease paint and lips. It just makes the paint mix thicker than using reg. Paint thinner. I know some use thick medium to add texture to eyebrows. But… I would love to know what others use it for! :thinking:


I use thinning medium for the brows it helps me because I paint my brows. Prisma pencils hate me haha. I may try them on my next baby for the creases and lips :wink:


I used it on my baby’s brows ( thick medium ) and it gives the brows a 3 D effect looks so cool I use thinning med also for creases and lips


I use thinning for lips, nail tips and use thick and thin mixed together to do my hair texture. Gives such a cool feel to the hair! I’m super new to all of reborning so I hope I perfect heir uses but I actually use both quite a bit!

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I tried the thick med. on my painted hair… I must of done something very wrong. :grimacing:

Try mixing a little thin medium along with it and the key for me is getting it butter smooth it should be like lotion when you mix, then I apply on a cold head with a large mop brush

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Thanks for the tip!! I need the guts to attempt painted hair again.


You should! I absolutely love painting hair! Just wish I was better at it lol!

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