Thinners Bob Ross or Mona Lisa?

I can’t believe you have a smell with your NuWave. Are you sure there isn’t any plastic or packing material left in it anywhere (even around the heating coil)? My NuWave NEVER had any kind of smell at all and no smell heating vinyl either. Jenni had a smell with hers also.


Positive. It has a very strong chemical kind of smell all by itself, even while not turned on. I only use it to dry out glue, so I have no idea how much it would smell if I actually baked a kit.

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I have never noticed a smell from mine at all until I redid a Zackary by Cassie Brace.That kit stunk up my oven but turned out right cute.I think sometimes it depends on the type of vinyl that you are baking.He is actually my first baby of this year,finished today but haven’t taken any pictures yet.Haven’t even decided how to dress this one.Just in a white onesie for now.

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