I was reading how people were having problems with the Mona Lisa thinner, how it was making their paint chalky etc.
What’s your go to for your babies?


I use Mona Lisa and have never had an issue with it.


I’m from canada so I buy Museum brand thinner from macphersons
it’s pretty good
mona lisa is always out of stock when i look for it at michaels

You are serious about learning this reborning deal! I love how you joined this forum and jumped right in with the searches and the questions. I predict this is going to work out well for you! :blush::heart:
I use Mona Lisa. It’s only chalky if it’s too thick.


I used to use Mona Lisa and never had issues with it. I use Gamsol now however because it is recommended for use when creating deeper tones. It’s EXPENSIVE however! To be honest I don’t notice a huge difference. The main different I’d say it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.


Thank you!
Yes! I’ve always wanted to make my own reborns since I was a little girl. I begged my parents for one but they couldn’t afford it, so now here I am!


Thank you for the responses.

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I use Mona Lisa and have never had an issue. For my ethnic babies I use Gamsol because I find it gives a more even tone.


I don’t think Michaels stock it anymore. They have not had it at my store for a very long time. I get mine at Hobby Lobby now.

Michael’s in Canada still stocks it. At least mine does.

My local Michaels here in the US still carries it also.

I have always purchased my thinners online however from DickBlick. It’s much CHEAPER. Even if you use a coupon at Michaels.

I wish my Michaels still carried it since it’s closer to my house. Maybe they will start carrying it again, I can hope.

Order it online and have it delivered to your store, if possible. Then you just pick it up. Maybe that will give them the hint.

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I haven’t had a problem with Mona Lisa, but I use Gamsol because it is safer/less toxic. Gamsol is the industry leader in studio safety :blush: I’ve found the best price on Amazon.


I haven’t tried Gamsol. But if the best price is on Amazon, I’ll go ahead and try some.