Think this is illegal?

I was browsing ebay and came across this doll. It certainly looks like Lucy. But I’m sure they have not produced this legally. … 338e892eba

That is beyond disgusting. I guess here they at least used the head as is and didn’t re-create the head as their own creation. But still gross.

If you think someone has infringed upon an artists’ rights, you should contact that artist. It’s the right thing to do. Marissa May does have a facebook page, so you could always message her and ask if she has any silicone releases. Many artists do make a small number of silicone babies from their sculpts, so this may be a case of that. But I think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

That is not an artist release of one of their babies. It is disgusting! Someone made a mold from one of Marissa’s dolls and poured it in Gawd knows what. It is a hard rubber baby doll that someone thinks they can get a thousand dollar for. It makes me squeamish just to look at it!

You could even contact Bountiful Baby, since they probably hold the rights to this doll. BTW what is shore tin base bla bla bla silicone?? Sounds . . . not very nice.

That umbilical cord looks a lot like Kielbasa sausage…lol

— Begin quote from “babymamma”

That umbilical cord looks a lot like Kielbasa sausage…lol

— End quote

I am sure the umbilical cord is NOT so long!

But the second link is abolutely disgusting. Just wrong that it should be allowed to be sold; hope ebay will remove the listing. That is just sick…

I definitely think it’s illegal

I would think that the first one is illegal if they used a mold to produce it, even if they changed some of the features. That is passing off the work as your own. I don’t see why anyone would buy a doll from a listing that is so unprofessional which makes you wonder about the quality of the materials and the workmanship. As for the second one, it is an awful concept for most of us and not something we would like to see, let alone purchase. But legally they can paint the head any way they want it and sell it. We do the same thing when we paint a doll and sell it. I always mention that the baby is a BB baby but I know some people don’t mention the original sculpt. So baby 1 is probably illegal and baby two is legal but both of them are not something I would want to buy!

The first one looks pretty suspicious to me It definitely is the Lucy kit. I would know that face anywhere. My siggy is a from a Lucy kit and I might even say he is illegally cute.

I didn’t realize that both of them were offered for sale by the same person. Wonder if it is silicone or rubber that was used for the Lucy clone. As for Lucy, mine is one of the first dolls I made and is a keeper with hubby’s hair.

As already been said above IF they bought a kit and made that disgusting thing out of it thaey have a full right. However, as they have more than one of them, I imagine that head is also done in silicone and therefore ilegal copy.

I found it very disturbing that this sort of thing should be accepted as Ok for Halloween (or any other use). Do you mean that when you take your little children out on Halloween you would find it acceptable for them to be exposed to something like that?

I messaged the seller on Ebay and they said that they didn’t make them that someone else did and they needed to get rid of them. They also said there were four of these rubber Lucys.