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I REALLY want to do Sandie, but I am working with an old countertop convection oven and i don’t know if her legs will fit in it. Does anyone have one they can measure?

Also, I got to the very last bake on a doll, let it cool, and then did a little shine on her fingers and toes. I hung them on the dry rack, and one of her ankles has a weird bend in it now. I don’t have pictures at the moment so I’m hoping someone else will know what i’m talking about it. It just kind of collapsed. It was cool when I put the gloss on the nails and I didn’t notice anything then. It’s like her little ankle just fell over. Anyone know what I could do to fix that?

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I would suggest bake it again and reshape after the bake till it cooled off.


What she said… also maybe once you have glass beads in it it will straighten out?

As for Sandi I’m pretty sure she should fit with an extension ring or two and prop them at opposing angles just take em out before they cool in case they bend when soft.

I wrap the limbs in tea towels when they are propped so they don’t touch bare metal. (My extension rings are metal) and you don’t want them touching the metal grates on your heating element.

I had a torso accidentally touching my metal thermometer and it created a blister bubble. :flushed: luckily it was at the top neck hole so it won’t be seen :pleading_face:

I just finished Aloenka Blick this way with two extension rings


From the title of this thread, I thought this was going to be a humorous post about common reborning discussion that would raise eyebrows elsewhere. That first sentence kinda works in that way. Lol

I’m sorry that there’s a bend in the ankle of your doll. Have you tried filling it with hot water? I agree that glad beads will probably pop it back into shape as well.

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Yeah, I can’t ask just anyone if someone’s legs will fit in my oven.

I tried putting it back in the oven to get warm. I tried glass beads, and I tried filling it with water. I’ll try again and try to old it in position and see if that works.

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I’m not sure what kind of oven you have? Mine is just like a big toaster oven with a convection setting. I don’t think there are extension rings. I just need to know if her legs are longer than 13 inches. Do you have that kit or doll?

I do… I have a nu wave oven. I’ll see if I can find a measuring tape. I’ve never tried one of those convection ovens… I am sways thought in order to paint the bigger kits I’d have to get a real full size oven and put it in the garage

It might be a tight squeeze her head is pretty tall and her leg is about 11-12 inches

I know it looks like the tape starts less than the top of her leg but I measured from on top of her leg above the vinyl and got the same measurement it just looks off because of the angle

This is perfect!!! Thank you SO much! I can probably do one leg at a time. Thats exactly what I needed to know!!!

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Happy to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: