Things I've learned

I just attempted my first ever reborn Shyann. I got all the way to the final layers of skin and decided I hated what I had done. She looked like she had died and started decomposing. I apologized to Shyann for doing that to her.

I have learned:

  1. Blue is a very strong color and needs a very light, translucent touch.
  2. Never do mottling, veining or shading at night under artificial light. You will wake up the next day and realize you put everything on too dark.
  3. Reborning is addicting, Although my first attempt was a disaster I have stripped her down and am anxious to start again learning from my mistakes and ready to try new techniques.

Agree with all above. I add : don’t do motling and veining when too tired…


Grea.t-and now you also know how to strip.goodluck on your next try


All of the above AND chocolate Prisma pencil turns orange when baked and brush cleaner will take the finish right off of hardwood floors. :scream:


Good to know!

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@Claire I feel like I could have written your exact post. I am stripping my first reborn as well. I also bought an OTT Lite so I can reborn at night:)

What is this OTT lite you speak of?

It’s a light that mimics daylight. The OTT Lite brand is very good according to what I have read online. I bought mine on sale today. It seems stores that carry them often will have a coupon you can use, so you wouldn’t need to buy one full price.

I just bought one a few days ago. Half off. :slight_smile: I hope it gets here soon

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Thank you, I will check that light out

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And the dining room table–spilled it there a few months ago

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Here are things i learned to always do that have helped me a lot.
If i paint at night i never bake until i look at them in day light the next day close up. Youd be suprised the mistakes you see in the morning

I always start my paint on the back of the head or under the thigh in case its too dark so i havent messed up the face or leg where it shows.

You can always add more but harder to wipe off and start over
If im happy with a layer i bake then paint more so i dont have to redo all kinds of paint steps only 1

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I have learned - Less is More :slight_smile:
I don’t paint layers… I tint/stain the kit each layer. Each color of my paint is translucent (not lips and nail tips though, that I use thinning medium)

Plucking out extra hairs and tails as you go is a must.

Mapping the head is better than eye balling it

Make sure the needle is angled and the same direction as the mapping lines.

Oh and blue and yellow only takes a tiny tiny bit! The pigment is powerful! and stains!