Things are looking up

More than 50 babies have sold on since last night.


Thats awesome!!!

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Congrats to the sellers!

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Lol not any of mine :cry: I have three listed and two more ready to list and a few more awaiting assembly and I’ve lost my mojo cause nothing is moving and It feels like spent more money on my membership than I will get back in profit :tired_face:


Mine aren’t selling, either, and they are marked down as low as I’m willing to go.

I know summer’s a bad time for selling, so I was ok with that, but hoped to see lots of sales as we approach the holiday season. With the economy being what it is I just don’t see it happening unless we’re well known, sought after artists or willing to sell really low. Honestly, in 20 years, this is the worst I’ve seen.

So I keep painting and listing because it’s not worth trying to sell kits cheaper than BB.

Grateful for 20 years, though, so I won’t complain too loudly.


That’s great for those sellers! Congratulations!


My baby has been sitting with no interest at all :unamused: for 4 days now. I don’t even know what kits to paint anymore. It seems no matter what kit , no one’s interested. The majority of the adopted kits don’t show prices, but the ones that do seem to be very low priced dolls. I guess unless you sell your work for $200 it won’t sell.


Wow! That’s a lot! I hope they are truly sold on Reborns.