Thick heat set medium help please

Hi. Bountiful Baby used to sell a heat set medium called thinning medium and there was a thick one.

They no longer carry it so im wondering if anyone can recommend another one to mix with the Genesis paint so its more creamy to do eyebrows.

Thank you :blush:

I love Liquithin! Even better than Genesis thinning medium or Look Alive.

AND just $25.99 for 8 ounces!


Thank you so much :hugs:

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I just got liqui thin. I have not tried it yet but very excited about it. Non toxic.


Bountiful Baby has a new Gemini Thinning medium available. Here is a link: NEW! Thinning Medium - Gemini Heat Set Paint - 12 grams #2344 - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)


Gemini Thick Medium is coming soon.

Thank you

I use Xodus thick, Macpherson’s makes and sells it, it’s really great! It’s clear and by far the closest to Genesis thick that I’ve found.

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Oh great. Thank you :blush:

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