There Will Be a Halloween Party and Everyone Is Invited

Ok ladies I have thought and thought about this. I am throwing a party here at the BB forum starting on October 23 to run thru October the 31. All you have to do is make a baby and enter his/her pictures here. You can enter a baby in a costume or a character baby. No judging or citism is allowed. But I have an idea I want to do for those who step outside the box and their comfort zone. Halloween is a time for dressing up and candy and sugar rushes. Be creative and let’s get back to having fun like it should be. Nice clean baby fun! You can enter your baby thru photobucket or any other way you post pictures to the forum. I will need your nursery name if you have one.

Sounds like FUN! I LOVE Halloween! Hopefully I’ll be back to making babies and can get one ready by then. If not, I’ll sure enjoy seeing everyone else’s!

I hope so too if you cant make a new one dress an older one in a costume. We have not had a partyu yet so everyone will new new.

Great I hope this turns out to be a huge party.


if i can find a tiny costume, i will.

Becky get creative if nothing else come as bat man. Black shirt and pants, a trash bag as a black cape and part of of it you cut off cut circles and use as a mask to tie around babies eyes. Be as creative as you would be with your human kids.

I know what costume I’ll be using already! Can’t wait for the party!

I am so happy to see we will have a great party.

We will have lots of door prizes.

If anyone wants to donate somethign for door prize I would appreciate anything, handmade or store bought. I want everyone to recieve something. We have had way too much negative going on with Halloween.

You can count me in Deb! This should be really fun!

Great Joy I am so looking forward to this. I love Halloween almost as Christmas!

This sounds like so much fun Deb, your Jack O Lantern baby is so cute.

OOOOOH!!! That sounds like super fun!!!

Thank you huskerfan. I have plans for another cool scarry baby! Brandie I am excited I love all things Halloween.

I can’t wait see what you come up with.

Monique make a baby and take pictures and join the fun. i am finally back!

ok ty. We could all get something in mind to give if you want and then when we all get entered could draw names and then we could mail to your name. Kind of like a round robin. What do you girls think?

cool Sounds like we could have some real fun! I was going to do a crest as a door prize for everyone says something about attending the Halloween party.