There is an auction on ebay

I was browsing dolls on ebay and someone has the pictures of the doll and in the background there is like garbage and mess and even a cage with a pet rat in it!
first time ive seen it. the rat was really what threw me off. I would recommend to crop the rat out of the pic next time lol

whats the link? no way would i buy that doll!


Well I mean she probably (hopefully) doesnt let the rat around the reborning stuff, but when I see a rat, I am like of H%LL no lol

I want to see the rat too.

ahh, where’s “that dirty rat?” Maybe people will have to advertise their dolls come from a “rat-free home!”

Come on give us the link. We need something to intertain us today.

I’m sorry I can’t find it now I didn’t save it because I was worried if it was someone in the forum or anything it was a look alike doll of elora dannon from willow and I can’t find it again and I haven’t been on for a few days sorry I will look in the morning again soory