Theft or cute idea?

I’m trying to make a unique reborn birth certificate. I was thinking about using cheap silicone to mold the feet of vinyl babies so I have a stamp of that baby to add the foot prints like the hospital does. I’d like to dress up the feet like a keepsake kind of thing and send them with the baby.

The problem with this is the right to reproduce obviously wouldn’t be there. So is this idea theft or not? I can’t decide because I’m not selling feet. They would just be an extra cool thing to unbox.

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I would say you could use them to make footprints but not give them with the baby only because what would they do with them? I’m thinking it would cause a stink with some people and seen as copyright infringement unless it was something for personal use like a stamp like you mentioned kwim?


I was leaning that way. People.cpuld get stupid and sell them. Technically, I’d be the one on the hook for it since I made them. I’ll just be using cheap hardware store stuff anyway so it won’t be a huge deal to throw it out.

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I can see where there would be a market for baby feet for crafters who sew and knit booties shoes and socks etc :thinking: you could start sculpting those :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Why not ask the sculptor/s of the kit for permission then if anyone accuses you of theft you can explain you were given that permission


That would work for smaller artists. I highly doubt Linda Murray, Ina Volprich, Marita Winters, etc. would even read an email or message from me to get permission. BB might give me permission on the kits I get from them. Maybe I’ll have to start bugging people and see what I get.

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Let me remind you of where my sculpting skills are. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m not sculpting feet any time soon.


I would not replicate anyone’s sculpts in any way for a stamp. I think it would be a big stink indeed! With pirating and all being as it is you are just opening yourself up for huge trouble IMO.

Edited to add that Marita is a super nice gal and has always answered my emails. I have never met her.


I hear you but at the same time, the foot print itself can be offered for silicones because the ink won’t stain them. I think you’re right that some might get upset though.

These kinds of things are often left unsaid. Like, if I were not open and honest about how I do what I do, would anyone even question the foot print? No they wouldn’t. They would assume it was made with the vinyl foot. I mean, there are artists using things to paint silicone that are not designed for it. Because they don’t say they are using actual make up blush and sealing over it, no one cares. There are so many things behind the scenes with silicone alone, I can’t even imagine what lurks behind vinyl given that it is a much older medium. (Sorry for the stupid rant.)

Anyhoo, I’m not rushing right out to make silicone feet from vinyl babies. I am going to do the stamps for silicones for now. As for vinyl, who knows. I might decide to upset people or I might try to get permission from artists. I might just scrap the idea for vinyls all together. It can be frustrating trying to find any kind of individuality in a niche community like reborning. I’m sure as an artist many could agree with that much.


Egads! I had no idea but I would be upset if I bought one made like that. Maybe it is just a me thing but I would suspect it to start peeling over time.

Yea, you are right about the silicone being easier to do the footprint of. It is a neat idea that I never thought of. I wonder if you could put some Saran wrap over a vinyl foot and then do a foot print stamp from that?


Lol!! My husband suggested the saran wrap idea. I’ll have to try it and let you know if it works.

My concern is peeling as well. I get frustrated with the “no one will be able to tell, so why not?” thing with silicone. Well, let me tell you that I’m 100% sure someone will notice it peeling. It is an accepted “fact” that silicone peels eventually. I don’t know if that’s true or not but Andrew isn’t peeling anywhere I haven’t done surgeries. I don’t buy it that they just peel and that’s that. They peel from misuse or incorrect painting. I’ll hop off my soap box there.

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They have ink less pads for baby’s and pet prints.

Also what about adding a clay imprint. You could make it before you start painting so you can wash it and not worry about ruining your paint

Limited-time deal: Clean Touch Ink Pad for Baby Handprints and Footprints – Inkless Infant Hand & Foot Stamp – Safe for Babies, Doesn’t Touch Skin – Perfect Family Memory or Gift – Black Print Kit by Tiny Gifts

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit (Newborn Bundle) 2 EASELS, 4 Ribbons & Letters! Baby Handprint Kit and Footprint Kit, Clay Casting Kit for Baby Shower Gifts, Boys & Girls


The clay thing I thought of. That’s what led to my hair brained idea of making a silicone foot to use for the stamp.

The inkless pads look cool! I’m not sure if a vinyl foot will give a nice foot print or not because they don’t squish like a real foot. I won’t know what will happen until I try it out. Before I order inkless pads, I’m going to try the saran wrap idea. I have a practice limb I can mess with for that.

The inkless stamp would be nice for silicone too. I wouldn’t have to clean it up.


I just gotta add a quick sentiment.

You guys are AMAZING at brain storming! You’ve all given me so much it is unreal! This is why I post my ideas here so much. I’m only one person and I surely will not think of nearly all the options. I swear by the group mentality in life. Humans were not designed to be alone. A group of people will solve a problem so much faster and better than a single person. Y’all don’t even know how much it means to me that you give so much.

Thank you!


Lol sometimes we need a
Little nudge out of our comfort zone to see things from a different perspective and let the creativity flow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If it were me, I think I would have a couple feet of different sizes (a preemie one, nb, etc) and keep them to use as stamps. Just picking the closest in size to the baby’s foot to stamp on the certificate. That way you don’t need to send them with the baby. Maybe someone on the forum who’s good at sculpting could make you some feet!


Although a good idea all around, I want these items to all be from the baby a person adopts. I think it would add value to the dolls even if sold second hand.

I have a list going depending on what kind of baby they get. The thing is, clothing and other basic stuff is so overdone. It’s a standard. I don’t want a standard. I’d rather invest in personalized…ish stuff. A random foot wouldn’t work for this particular item. In case anyone is interested or would like any of these ideas, here’s my unboxing list.

  1. Birth certificate with a faded picture of the actual baby that was adopted.

  2. Hospital bracelet from Broken Hearts Bassinet Inpatient Facility

  3. Medical chart for the baby’s stay

  4. Picture book that has baby’s official photos

  5. Keepsake with something that is specifically that baby

  6. One extra outfit

  7. Appropriate trinkets (bottle for drink and wet, paci already modified if needed, hair brush and conditioner, matting powder, etc.)

  8. Small diaper bag to hold it all

I can throw these items together for about $50 or less. The price of these dolls is pretty large. Adding $50 for this stuff is not going to be a big issue. I can do it cheap because buying bulk cuts costs big time. I don’t think anyone’s s going to put that all together for lower. I mean, 3 outfits alone can be $30+ and a nice blanket is another $5-$20. I just want something more personalized.


I’ll be interested to see how the saran wrap idea turns out. I would think that you would lose all the fine detail in the foot, but I’d love to be proven wrong.


Same here. I’m thinking IF I could find a softer paper type that maybe I can form the paper to the foot rather than try to press the foot to the paper if that makes sense.

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The inkless pads do kinda work with vinyl feet, you have to try a few times to get a decent print though. I found it worked best with a limb that had no weighting or stuffing in it, because it squished better. I’ve only done it once as a bit of an experiment with an inkless pad I had already used a few times. You can use them more than once and still get good prints.

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