The very first reborns I made, pics inside!

FINALLY found pics of the very first reborns I made…I just kept making them and keeping them till I decided to start selling them on Ebay…LOL…didn’t know what else to do with them. Boy, have things changed in 13 years! The very FIRST one is the little boy with black hair. Gee. I trashed him because I thought he was horrible but now that I’m looking at him today he doesn’t look sooooooo, bad…I should’ve kept him. Boo.

Anyway, I know this topic comes up from time to time and I just wanted to share, so thanks for putting up with my walk down memory lane if you took the time to look. :slight_smile:


They all look good. You are right, the sculpt have changed a lot. :smile:

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Awe - I think they are sweet. This was when you truly did “Reborn”. When did kits become available?

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Seems like all I did were Berenguers for the first couple of years, can’t remember when kits starting coming out but I was sooooo happy when they did! MUCH MUCH easier than taking these babies apart!


They’re cute, Karen!

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Thanks, Amy!

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I remember them oh so well, all the stripping of factory paint and filing down the molded hair. Sooo! Much easier now with the kits. Your first was pretty cute even though at the time you didn’t think so.

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Thank you! I had been making the soft sculpture dolls way back in the 80’s before I got into the Berenguers in 2002 and just remember how exciting it was to make a doll that really looked like a BABY. I had so much fun shopping for them! Wait. I STILL have fun shopping for them.

I can still remember the first time we saw rooted hair…OMG…what a revelation it was! LOL…nothing like now, of course, but that rooted hair really rocked our world and then came Genesis paints and the whole reborn world exploded!

Good times, good memories. :slight_smile:

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Definitely good memories and for the shopping I’m with you. So much fun. My husband reminded me that are grandkids are all past the baby stage no more babies to buy for and then I have to remind him I have “lots” of babies to buy for yet and he just shakes his head. LOL. But he does support my addiction even though he doesn’t have any idea what I spend!


Geez Karen, I missed this thread somehow and finally saw it tonight. Your first babies were very cute. I can imagine it must have been lots of work reborning back then. Before Genesis, what did you use?
I’d also love to see babies you’ve made recently if you have any pics handy.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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Reborning has come a long way, for sure! When I first started, we used acrylics, oils, even stamps pads and ink…sounds crazy, right? There was no such thing as rooted hair, we used wigs. Stark white lines for that French Manicure look on nails…seems so odd now, I could go on and on. But we plodded along, doing the best we could to make dolls that looked like REAL BABIES! LOL There was a reborning forum hosted by Dawn Garma and Prilly Charmin sold supplies – Dawn now sells mohair and it’s wonderful. I will never forget the first time I saw rooted hair…OMG!!! I’m sure we’d all croak now, but it was right up there with taking the first step on the MOON back then! LOL

If you’re on FB, here’s the link to my wall – lots of baby pics there:

If not, here’s a link to my website:

Thank you for being so kind & commenting on my babies!


Checked out your site and there are cuties on there! :smile:

For your non rooted babies, are you using paint or pencil?

Thanks for sharing your pics.

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I use both pencil and paint.

Thanks for taking a peek at my babies!

Thanks to you for sharing!

me too

Thanks, Mel ~ still a long way to go, but I still love it just as much as when I first started


Karen, when you say both pencil and paint, do you mean on the same head, or are some heads entirely paint and some just pencil?

I’ve only used paint myself.

On the same head. Normally I will use the pencils to pencil in the hair where I want it to be and then paint over it. BUT sometimes…all paint…or all pencil. I guess it just depends on the head I’m working on and how I think it looks and what I think it needs to look better.

Thanks, Karen! :smile:

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