The trouble with Max

I am having difficulty with Max taking the paint. I put a primer coat on him as I always do, and put the initial skin coats on him. Now I am doing the veining and the paint just disappears. I am using a GHSP mixture of Pthalo Blue 04 and Pthalo Green 06 with 3/4 tsp of Mona Lisa Thinner. The color looks correct when applied and then it just disappears. I have put 3 coats of the vein mixture on him and the veins are still barely visible. Has anyone had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? I’ve never had this happen.

This is my paint mixture

And this is poor little Max’s head after 3 coats of vein paint


Maybe try a flesh tone then see if it will show upon top of that?

Sorry it isn’t showing. I “cheat” and use a prisma pencil or marker, I can control the paint for veins very well, and end up way to dark.

You could also add a little vein blue in there…

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In this case, maybe add a bit more paint to the mix??


Problem solved! I did the veining last night and when I went to bed I left the paint mixture on my work station. By tonight, much of the thinner had evaporated so I tried some of the more concentrated mixture and it worked perfectly! Guess it was just too thin. Thanks for the suggestions, y’all!


Yayyyy!!! :blush:


With my veins I have a test limb that I use to get color and control of the vein
Line design, I want to achieve. I am glad it worked out.

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