The Swirl

Well ive been rooting most of 3 days now maybe half the head done.But i cant see each hair to root so most im rooting in the center of a few hairs so get a lot of plugs then i go back and DEplug as well as i can.
Almost 2 steps forward 3 back .
The swirl has been tricky Mine was a little to the side of the back but somehow now is in the center and not a very good swirl.I think im going to get a C- in hair lolI


Your swirl will be much more successful if you map out your rooting before you get started. You will see the direction you need to root in.

Good luck.


Not all swirls on humans are dead center.


Haha i know they arent always dead center .In fact started to the side a little but somehow it got moved over TO the center.
I read use white chalk to map but i looked all over Walmart and Hobby Lobby too .Lots of colored chalk but no white Really strange so winged it
Maybe ill try dollar store.

I use a white french manicure pencil that you buy in the nail section of a drug store. It works great and comes off easily. You can also use it to tip your nails, you just have to seal it.



I use exactly the same thing. Works a treat x

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You can get white and blue chalk type markers in the sewing section of Walmart. They come off with plain water.

Mastering rooting takes a lot of practice. Yours is coming along. Each head will get better as your understanding and ability get better. My rooting didn’t get noticeably better until my 7th baby and I still have room to improve. Starting from the hairline and filling in toward the crown is much easier than starting at the crown and working out toward the hairline.

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Oh both good ideas and i may have a sewing pencil around hereI had one for quilt marking a few years ago.!
Rooting I sort of did front then back to let each area warm better id flip it over.then flip back
I need to get a magnifying mirror/ light Maybe that will help me.I dont think ill get better until i can actually see the tip of a hair to do it one at a time.
Right now i line up a lot of hair and poke poke hope something goes in.Usually only one or 2 do but many are dark in the hole because bent in half i have to deplug a lot…

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I use the reading/magnifying glasses that I get at Walmart or Michaels. I tried using the magnifying light, but it got in my way when I tried to root. If you only hold a small amount of hair at a time it makes it easier to see the individual hairs.

Thanks i think ive got in now. MAYBE?..
.Light 2 feet over my shoulder and head 8 inches from my face resting below my lower chest and a chair arm…lol…
Is the barb a little way up the needle or on the tip?..i have a one barb but i see something a little way up .

The barb is a little way up the needle if you are using a single barb needle. Forked needles have the fork at the tip.

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Thanks Pia i think I see it.

That may explain it. If my forked needle goes in very far, it’s as if I’ve pulled the hair right back out. I’ve learned its best for just the tip to go in.

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do you know where i can see that map on the babys head?

1 Like has a rooting tutorial where she maps the headTutorial link is almost the bottom of the page

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Thank you so much for the link! There is excellent help and multiple tutorials on Kim’s blog:

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This last head i did i started at the the time i finisged with the back i could REALLY see improvement in my rooting …SOO MUCH better.

I did swirl first so of course didnt work out and i didnt map.Tried a quilt marking pencil but it
wouldnt mark on this vinyl.Maybe next time some very light paint