The Quads -

For those of you who have done Dumplin, etc., do they wear preemie clothing???



I did Pudding & Muffin and they wore preemie outfits and even some newborn - it just depended upon the maker. For example, Gerber clothes run small in my opinion.

Ginnylee -
Do you think they could wear Preemie WillBeth??


I’ve never used WillBeth - but the kit is 18" - You could probably ask BB moderators since they sell them here, and would be a good judge for sizing I would think. I’m so sorry I can’t be of any help with that brand.

thanks Ginny and Judy. I might have to have Carmen make me 4 outfits. The preemie dress is too long for my liking - I would want these babies legs to show.