The photography part...(16 pics)

So it has been YEARS since I took my camera out of the bag. I don’t even know where the bag is. It is an old Nikon D3100. It was a pretty good camera but I don’t know where it is or if it still works. That said, I know that a lower quality camera, good lighting, and a tiny touch of editing can make wonderful photos. I also have never posed a doll and that seems harder than I thought it would be. I think these are all pretty good aside from lack of editing and the fact that an AD doll fresh from the box can’t get through a photo shoot without being covered in everything.

I took like a hundred photos. These are what I think are worth entertaining to use once Ava here is redone. I wanted some pictures BEFORE I touch her at all. Once she is done, I’m going to use the same places and poses so I have relevant before and after photos. I plan to sell this one I guess. The photos are more important than the work itself. I mean, Rosie is super cute! Because of the crap photos, only those that have seen her in person would know that.

So, I can’t really decide the best poses and light. Do people post 23 photos of a doll like ever?

Does she work for both genders? I think she is FABULOUS as both a boy and a girl!

Without further ado, Miss Ava by Linday Murray, AD partial silicone.


How do you like her? I was thinking of getting an AD partial silicone doll just to see if I would like it. I’d rather see how I’d do with a cheaper doll, than pay over a grand and not like it (not that I could afford a silicone reborn right now anyway). This one is the cutest one I’ve seen.

My favorite photo is the one in the striped shirt with brown corduroy overalls. That frilly girl outfit is absolutely adorable with matching frilly socks.

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This is the EXACT reason I ended up with my first one. I haven’t gotten the stupid expensive kit I ordered in yet so I can’t compare an AD doll to the more expensive ones yet.

I have bought 4 AD dolls do far. The hair is AWFUL on them. This one is the best hair I’ve seen on one yet. Had I bought her first, I’m not sure I would have ripped it out honestly.

The bodies are thin, flimsy, and overall trash. A new body is like $20 or so dollars from McPherson’s. I would upgrade that at the very least. Also, the “weighted” part is a joke. They put a tiny bag of anything from poly pellets, glass beads (mixed with other stuff and a TINY amount), glass blasting media, and full on sand. These are like a box of chocolate where weighting material is concerned…you never know what you’re gonna get.

They are super sticky. You can powder them with baby powder but that lasts all of 3 or 4 touches. Using the Silocone Velvet lasts about 10 touches. In order to Matt these and not have to constantly powder them, you must paint a thin layer of silicone on it and then dump Silicone Velvet (there are other powders from like SAM Silicone Art Materials in the UK) and allow that to cure. Mine have not gotten sticky again after doing that and I have not had to powder them at all since then either.

The clothes they come with are not baby clothes at all. They are very thin and doll like. This baby wears newborn clothes perfectly though.

The lips rub off within a month if you are touching them or sticking a binki/dummy in them once or twice a day. I have not tried a magnet in them.

Their heads are silicone laid over foam so not solid silicone. Their limbs are solid silicone but they do not have a reinforcement ring so don’t pull too hard or they might come out of the body. (It hasn’t happened to me but it just feels like it could.)

Overall, I feel like they are worth the $250 you pay for them. Again, I have no other silicone to compare just yet. Personally I like them. Reborning them makes them 1,000% or more better!


You answered my biggest question without me even asking it…was she worth the price. I’ve seen videos on youtube of the strange things they pull out of the inside of the AD dolls. lol

Thank you very much for all the details! I like having the opinion of someone who reborns because artists look at these dolls differently than the average consumer. I feel I get a more honest and straightforward opinion than what is filmed and shown on youtube. I can’t wait till you get your silicone kit…would love to know how you feel about the difference in silicone quality.


Tasha had glass beads and poly pellets. What would happen if you took the foam out of the head? :scream:


That should be no later than next week.

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If you take out the foam the head becomes a flimsy, floppy, piece of silicone that will no longer hold its shape. Lol!!! They would become more like a mask than a head. Plus, I’m pretty sure you’d tear the rest of the head to bits removing it.

Ava had poly beads and glass blasting material. Lol!!


Can you bake it with the foam in it?

Baking silicone? :thinking:

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Oh yeah. Never mind. Don’t know what I was thinking. :crazy_face:

I mean, they do have silicone …things for baking. Not sure what to call them. Things you use, made out of silicone, lol.


I’ve never done anything silicone. I’m clueless so I just googled this. Platinum silicone (dolls included) can be baked to speed up the curing process (by about 75% it says).

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I don’t know. I don’t intend to because tin cure cures way faster than platinum. I’ve seen videos that people heat the platinum to set it faster. It would be pointless to bake an AD doll given that they are tin silicone.

There are the cake, cookie, and mold things you bake in. Most of the data sheets show pretty high heat for silicones. I don’t know what kind of silicone those are made of.

I don’t intend to bake the platinum one I’m going to do either. The way my schedule is, I’ll be fine waiting longer for it to cure.

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Yes those sorts of things. I don’t know how they compare either, but I guess generally, it can be baked. I don’t guess silicone paint has to be baked though.

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Yes, like silpat? I think is the name? mats and muffin “tins” that are silicone.

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I don’t know that word, but yes! I had one of those as seen on TV mini pie baking things. It is silicone.


It doesn’t have to be baked but platinum silicone will cure faster in higher temperatures. Those that have experience painting the platinum say in just about every tutorial that you have to work quick, especially if it is hot where you are working. I suppose I’ll find out first hand when I paint a platinum kit.

Oh I see.

That sounds so scary! I picture them being thin sacks of jello

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