The Out of Stock Kits

I don’t understand how this is Out of Stock section is updated weekly. Some of those kits (Kitten, Honey, Tibby, etc) say they will be restocked early October and any kits not listed will be restocked October or later. Kitten, Honey, Tibby aren’t even out of stock so how is this considered updated?? I am waiting for Blinkin boy.

We will be receiving more of the listed kits at the approximate date mentioned, even if they are still currently in stock.

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I want one of each Blinkin and Nod. Not sure if I want boys. girls, or one of each. I just really like the full vinyl body, not a real fan of cloth bodied dolls. I can understand how they are more pose-able, but I just like full bodies so that my babies can wear summer clothes. :o)

Yeah - my customers want Blinkin boys for Christmas. I had wanted to get them in September so I could finish them up and then just have to hold them until then - - - I have so many other things coming up and I have probably lost 2 customers now since they contacted me a few time wanting to know if they came in and now have not heard back from either after a few more e-mails. :frowning:

Hi JudyM,
Did you snag the Blinkin boy seconds kits BB had reduced yesterday? I managed to get one and a second quality kit of Blaze. Now they have first quality Blaze for 14.98! I am going to have to write BB to see if they will adjust my purchase. I hope you got the Blinkin kits!


I was notified the Blinkin boy came back in stock. Now my 2 customers are not sure they want them - will find out this weekend. Good Grief!!