The Newborn Princess

Okay, ladies, which sculpt looks the most like the Duke and Duchess’s newborn baby girl?

photo 8ce3d52b-7315-4a46-87a7-453ebcdc1cb1.jpg

2 Likes I’m thinking lane or leah

Yes, I do see Leah, but this baby was reported to weigh 8 lb 3 oz. She’s a chunky newborn.

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I think she looks like Adrie’s new Erin kit if her mouth was open a bit.

So funny, of course we reborners see the new princess and think ohhh how can I recreate her! I don’t know which one looks like her but I will be doing one as well! :smile:


I also think I see a little of the LLE Serenity, especially with the fuller lips

That is a chunky baby, my first daughter weighed 9lb 1oz she looked like a three month old when she was born ate like one also​:grinning::grinning:

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She looks a bit like Tabatha if her lower lip were minimized a little. Only she’s much pinker. Wish I could hold her.

Such great suggestions ladies!! I’m checking them out!!

My first two were right around 5.5 lb. My third was 6 lb 10 oz; she seemed huge to me!! My grandson was 8 lb 14 oz. He was like a two month old to me!!

I had one 8.8 lb son and then a 10.8 lb. daughter and the son I lost weighed 10.7 lbs. So for me…babies are bigger LOL. I love the big chubby babies. The new princess is adorable!



I love chucky babies too!! I think she kinda looks like Benji by sandy farber. But there is one lady who is really good at matching kits to babies on here. I think it’s @kristi. Not positive I would have to go back an look on my old post but she matched my son pretty good lol . She is wicked precious though!!!

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Here is what Kristi thinks:

Lillesol by Sabine Altenkirch


I think that is a perfect match

For BB kits I think some of these have similarities: Meg, Lucy & Spencer

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I think Lillesol or Jaden. Wish we could see her hair. My 3 girls were all keepers weighing in at 9.4 oz or more at birth. The largest one is now my smallest. She 34 (or 408 months in baby talk) and only weighs 110 lbs. The other 2 would kill me if I told their weights. They are all princesses to me! :crown:

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I’m glad your 3 girls were all “keepers”! :wink: It’s amazing how the baby weight and looks don’t necessarily carry into the adult years. My oldest was a chunky baby and toddler but was skinny kid and is still skinny as an adult. I’ve seen some “not so cute” babies turn into beautiful adults…and vice versa.

I’m not sure what kit looks like her, But she has a beautiful name! Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!