The NEW website for ROSE International Doll Expo is here!

Hi! I’m super excited to let everyone know that the new ROSE International Doll Expo website is now online!!

Check it out here:

(The previous URL: will also re-direct you to the new website as well.)

Thanks Everyone!



Yea!!! I’m super-excited!!! :blush::heart_eyes:

Soooo excieted I already have 2 dolls bought lol :open_mouth:

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We have 10 classes currently being offered:

Beginning Rooting
Advanced Rooting
Beginner Reborning
Advanced Reborning
Silicone Painting
Fantasy Class
Air Dry Paints
Ethnic Painting Class
Hair Painting Class


I see 3 classes I wouldn’t mind taking, if I could go.

What would be the closet airport in Utah to the convention?

Salt Lake :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that what I thought. Tried checking on airline tickets. But July not showing yet.

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What does this mean Angel?? Have you ordered babies or what??

Salt Lake City Airport is about 30 minutes or so from the convention center. I took the Express Shuttle and it was a nice ride and let me see a little of the countryside along the way.

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Yep :wink: Albie is bring them with her ! So excieted !

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Ive never been before but want to go next year I have questions that may be stupid. Sorry! What is the closest hotels? I see a lot of classes I would love to take. How can I find out what times the classes are so that I can fit them is. Is there a limit on how many you can take? How much are they? This ones really crazy, how do I know if I should take beg goner classes or advanced. I don’t want to go to a class and learn nothing. Is there anything someone would suggest doing that they love doing when they go. I’m excited OK lol.

The Hilton Garden Inn is attached to the Convention Center so that one is the closest. Home 2 is across the street. There is not a limit on which classes you can take. Some of the classes do run at the same time, so check the times when they are posted to see which ones you would be able to take. We will get the classes info up as quick as we can. The price depends on the class. You can look at the write ups on the classes and then decide which one you should take. Also if the write up on the class doesn’t tell you what you want to know you can contact the teacher of the class directly. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you