The new old new different GHSP

For those of you who bought up some of the old-new (so unclear what is what) GHSP that was weird and sticky… I have been playing with some I bought a while ago and I have found that if you empty it into a bigger container, add thinners and work it with a brush it turns into something kinda nice. It just takes a little work. You get less opacity but you can remedy that by adding other colors to turn it up.

Don’t toss or return it, just play with it. I think they just used different resins and binders when they were trying to find a new formula. I use Gamsol for thinning. It costs a little more where I am at but I like it. Use ventilation even if it’s cold outside, you can’t smell the thinners because they are odorless but they are still a chemical in your air and not good for your body.


Yea, the new thinning oil MacPherson’s sells totally fixes it.


Thanks for this, both of you. I just opened a black and I hate it. I couldn’t mix it. It was so thick I couldn’t clean it off the brush. I had to throw the brush away. I was about to throw the black away but I’ll try these suggestions. Your timing of this post was perfect for me.


Just Get bigger jar or bowl and mix more thinner than paint and keep mixing like you are making whip cream, it seems like it isn’t going to pull itself together but it does, My mixed up batch has kept its consistency.

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