The New MacPherson's Design

I was looking on MacP’s today to see if the MacMonday was updated yet…New website design!! I absolutely love it!!

Have you seen it yet?

@MacPhersonCrafts I absolutely love what you have done with the site! It is so user-friendly and very easy to navigate!! I love that I don’t have to leave the page I’m on to add the kit to my cart!! Great work!! :yum:


Lol, I disliked it on my desktop computer… I actually closed it and went to a different site hoping it was a glitch that will be fixed. hahaha


I didn’t like the fact that there was no search button. If there is one there, I couldn’t find it!!

It is up in the right corner I think… a purple circle with a magnifying glass

Thanks, I looked all over for the word “search” like on the old site!!

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thank you Sydster!!
I am getting used to it myself
We have much more tweaking to do yet and we do have a few glitches to fix up still as usual with any new site.
For example while it is wonderful to have the ability to add to cart from the thumbnails we are waiting to have the doll kit names added on each small image so you do not have to click on the magnifying glass to see who it is.
The mobile version is supposed to be much better now.
We have work to finish in the next few days…so any suggestions is very welcome at this time so we can address it as we are talking to our technicians.
hUgs Brenda XOXOOX


@MacPhersonCrafts is there still MACMONDAY? I cant find it anywhere

Same! I thought it was just a glitch…

Love love love the new site design!!! I have to say that you go above and beyond to keep your customers happy! Thank you so much for all you do! God Bless and have an awesome day!! :heart_eyes:

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That is SO true about MacP’s!!! :yum:


we just finished one from last Monday for Kewy kits but took it off yesterday
we needed to focus on making sure the upgraded web-site is functioning properly and have to reset the links etc…so much to do in the next few days.
you can still take advantage of it if you go to the Kewy section as they are on half price still … I have not had time to change the prices back again!! LOL

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awe thank you so much Jackie!!!
We did have a few glitches…but nothing too bad
I noticed that you needed to “log in” or the shopping cart would empty but we have now fixed that!!!
I hope to make it as easy as possible to peruse the site


I read this post and immediately had the technician add an extra search space at the side of each page. it is at the top right as a magnifying glass or along the side now…thank you for pointing that out!!
hUgs Brenda


Thank you! That helps those of us whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be :blush: Very nice website, it’s definitely more user friendly.

Thanks, Susan

thank yo so much…we are still working on it so any more suggestions is very welcome!!

One thing I noticed is when you click on a picture to preview… it opens part way off the screen, then you have to scroll side ways to see the price as well.
It happens the most to the pictures on the right.

ok thank you!
are you viewing on any mobile devise or on your PC?

desktop computer.

I havent looked on my phone.

The site looks really nice on my phone. Will we be able to see multiple photos still tho? Sometimes I really like a face but then decide i dont care for limbs etc. I do like the large pictures.

If you open it all the way by pushing product details (I think) you will see multiple photos with arrows to scroll, then if you click the pic it will enlarge.

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