The love of an Aunt

Hi there. I did not ever think I would be a part of this community. I was never fond of dolls in general but my Aunt has always collected dolls. She had been trying to teach me how to reborn these dolls and quite frankly I was not interested. Two weeks ago she passed away suddenly and I found myself at her house clearing out and all I could think of was this one kit she had that she just got and absolutely loved. I tried to ignore the doll but it stayed in the back of my mind. A few days later I found myself looking up how to make them and never understood why but I know my Aunt is smiling down at me. I made the doll on honour of her. I will keep it that way I have a piece of my aunt with me but I can’t guarantee I will continue. I just wanted to get any input out there on rather I’m doing a good job. I guess I just really want to be around those who also love dolls. Brings back such fond memories of her. And who knows I might actually become a collector!

of course with it being night I cant get a good picture so I will try again tomorrow.


First of all Welcome! Sorry to hear about your Aunt, but I am sure she would love what you have done with her baby. And, welcome to the addiction. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for your kind words Anne! It means more to me then you could ever imagine. She had so many clothes for the dolls. I mean she could have started her own thrift shop! I will be donating all but a outfit or two that would possibly fit this doll. Kinda making me sad its just sitting there with no clothes on. LOL. Oh here I go. :wink::joy: she had all together about 300 dolls total 50 of them reborns. Most was given to family and friends. Not sure what they plan on doing with the rest.

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Finally dressed. “She” will hang out in my bedroom for the time being. Feels like a chunk of lead! Won’t see me carrying it around. LOL. What is the norm for weight? I just put what she had left in. Feels about 9-10 lbs. I haven’t measured it but fits in 3-6 nicely.


I usually weigh my babies light no more than 5 to 6 lbs though a lot of people weigh them heavier. You sure you don’t want to keep a few outfits? You will get tired of looking at her in the same ones - but it is fun to go shopping, lol. I don’t carry my babies around, I just like them to sit there and look pretty. Though when I am feeling a little sad I will pick one up to snuggle for a minute. I didn’t want to start collecting, I just wanted one. Now I have about 10 and more coming, lol!

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Oh I am. Lol didn’t realize how cute baby clothes are! I actually might take weight out.


Bless your heart. I can relate. My Grandmother was an
advent doll collector and had such a great love for them.
I’ve always been fond of dolls but only developed a love
and appreciation for them in my later years.
You did a great job on the doll and yes, who knows, it
may develop into something special as it has for the
rest of us artist/and collectors.
I’m sure your Aunt is looking down with a tender smile.
God blessings to you.:orange_heart:

I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so hard to lose the people we love. It leaves a hole in your life where they used to be.
Great job on the doll. Really cute. Do keep a few outfits. You’ll eventually get bored seeing her in the same thing all the time. And, you might decide to do another one.
You might want to consider donating some of the finished dolls to an Alzheimer’s facility. They have been proven to be very beneficial and calming for the patients. They shouldn’t be too heavy, though-between 3-4 lbs. Bald is good because the hair won’t get mussed.


Well if I can get them away from my Grandmother. :wink: She has dementia and has grown very attached to each and every one of those babies. You have to watch her because she will get angry if they don’t take a bottle. It breaks my heart seeing her like that. Or anyone for that matter! They are all pretty heavy as she liked them. I think she said at one time to smallest was 7lbs… I guess that is where I go the idea for the one I made to be 10.5lbs!!! Just weighed it. I will actually see about making some for our local nursing home. That is such a great idea.

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Thank you so much sweetie! :slight_smile:

Agree. with jeanhai, the elderly would really love them
and good for them to have something to hold and
snuggle sometimes.

I’m sorry for your loss first of all and I’m happy to meet you

What a wonderful way to be closer to your aunt and at the same time do something to take your mind off of it for awhile. When I’m working on a doll I don’t think of anything else. I totally relax. I’m so sorry your aunt passed away. You now have something to remember her by. Great job on your first doll.

Thank you all so much. Such a wonderful community. I’m so glad to be a part of it and you all are so welcoming!

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Welcome Lexi! You did a great job on you aunt’s baby. She would be proud.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Here is just a few pictures in natural light. You can see here she’s not as pink.


Welcome to the forum. I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. Losing someone we love is never easy. But I believe that they stay with us always. :heart:

I’m so sorry to hear of your Aunts passing. I lost my Aunt last month also. I know they will both be missed. I think it’s wonderful that you picked up one of her hobbies and made a beautiful doll as tribute to her. I think you did a great job. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to try another later in. It really is addictive.

Thank you so much and I am so sorry for your loss as well. Its definitely hard. I do want to make more in the future she has a few kits here but I haven’t looked at them just yet. I’m starting to really fall into a depression about it all. With the family fighting over her stuff im not sure what all will be done. I’m just glad I have the one doll to remember her by. I do want the Landon awake kit however! He reminds me of a little boy that used to go to our church.

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It sure isn’t. Its so hard but knowing I have something that she cared about so much brings peace to my heart.

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