The Libby kit by Cindy Musgrove

I would really love it if Cindy Musgrove would go an “awake” Libby kit to go along with the sleeping one. It would really be cute. I wish I had one to go with my sleeping Libby for a really truly cute set of twin baby girls.

Me too. I have a thirds head. I may experiment and see if I can make it awake. When I get caught up. Famous last words of a fool!

What a great idea!!

Fei Yen has the same limbs as Libby & could actually be an open eyed version. I’ve seen it done Asian, now also Cambodian & caucasian – that head may be more diverse than the sample shows…worth it to give it a try. Checking on Ebay, I’ve seen all different skintones of Fei Yen.

I have opened lots of eyes, but Libby is SO NOT a good candidate for open eyes!!! The brow ridge and eye socket are barely there, and there is no place for the eyeball to sit.

well poop Ty for telling me this before I screwed one up.

LOL, no prob…I think she’d be cute with open eyes too…we’ll just have to get Cindy to sculpt her with open eyes!