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What happens after domain names expire?

Once a domain name expires, it goes through many stages before being released to the open market. GoDaddy sends five renewal emails to the GoDaddy account owner prior to the expiration date. Below is a timeline based on .com domain names.

Days after expiration Action
Day 1 GoDaddy makes the first of three billing attempts to renew the domain name.
Day 5 GoDaddy makes the second billing attempt. If the billing fails on the day of, or auto renew fails, the domain name expires and is immediately set to parking. The domain can be renewed by the registrant at no extra cost.
Day 12 GoDaddy makes the third and final attempt to renew the domain name. The domain name can still be renewable by the registrant at no extra cost.
Day 19 GoDaddy will still allow the domain name to be renewed by the registrant for the cost of a one-year renewal plus an $80.00 redemption fee.
Day 26 GoDaddy adds the domain name to an expired domain name auction.
Day 36 The expired domain name auction ends. If there are no backorders and no bidders in the expired domain name auction, GoDaddy list’s the domain name in a closeout auction.

Winning Expiring Domain Name Auctions

Auctions are anonymous. None of the bidders know who the other bidders are. If you win an expiring domain name in GoDaddy Auctions®, you must make payment. In addition to the auction price, you will need to pay the renewal fee for the domain name.

After the winning bidder makes payment, GoDaddy will wait two more weeks after the auction’s end before moving it to the winning bidder’s account. This gives the original domain owner two additional weeks to pay GoDaddy’s $80 redemption “late” fee and renew the domain, and also creates a grand total “grace” time of 50 days from the date of expiration before the domain is transferred. If the current registrant renews the domain name during the redemption period, GoDaddy refunds the auction purchase price to the auction winner, and the domain remains with the original registrant. Otherwise the domain transfers to the auction winner as the new domain owner.

The “” domain:

The current owner of the “” domain is DP Creations, LLC. In other words, we are the winner of the blind public auction for this domain. There were 2 other bidders before we even noticed it was on auction, and then a 3rd bidder began bidding before we made the decision to bid. This left us as the 4th bidder. There may have been additional bidders later- we do not know, as we did not monitor the auction. And, as mentioned, none of the bidders knew the identities of each other.

We know that GoDaddy makes many attempts with the prior owner to renew before placing an expiring domain on auction, consequently we felt that the domain was probably either being abandoned by the prior owner, or else was being replaced by a different URL and domain to support their needs. However, if this was not the case, and this domain was unintentionally let go, we will hold this domain open for purchase from us by the owner of the doll show previously associated with this domain at the cost we paid GoDaddy to acquire it. We will leave this offer open until the end of August 2017, at which time this domain will join all of our other domains that we own for supporting our ROSE show. These domains include:

The domains “” and “” are also available, and we considered buying them, but decided against it because of their cost. If we had done so, we would have owned the following, all of which have obvious inter-relationships:

Should the owner of the doll show previously associated with this domain wish to acquire this domain under the terms of this offer, I can be reached via either ROSE or Bountiful Baby customer service for facilitating this.

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Very generous offer!


I agree, very generous indeed!


UPDATE: I was contacted by Stacey & Georgie on Thursday, August 10th at 4:02 PM MDT asking to proceed with a transfer. I also offered to sell them the “” domain at our acquisition cost, and they took me up on that offer too. They made payment for both domains, and I went through the process on GoDaddy to transfer both of them, whereupon GoDaddy reported to me that “Updates have been submitted and can take up to 5 days to display.”.

Right now GoDaddy is reporting to me “Pending Update” on both domains.



Nevin, I am impressed beyond measure with your handling of this situation. With all of the back stabbing going on among Reborn artists, you have proven yourself to be gracious! Pleasure doing business with an outstanding company like Bountiful Baby!


I absolutely agree with @pia

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