The four kits i'm doing next!

so i have ordered four more kits to do next
Ryan by Michelle Fagan, Anna by Pat Moulton, Dani by Jannie De Lange, and Esmee by Didi Jacobsen.

cant wait to get them in!!
so what are some of your favorite sculpts???

I love Shyann, she is beautiful. I got several Moby heads and I did not like them when I started and by the time I was finished I liked everyone of them. I did an Elliot and she turned out so wonderful. I have 2 Kadeances to do for my grand daughter for Christmas. She is getting twin boy and girl.

That’s so exciting to be getting 4 new kits! But how to choose which to start first? Of the ones you listed, I like Dani best.

I have so much fun looking a kits online!!I waste hours of my time doing it, lol!! Im starting with Ryan because I already have that kit here and i just washed him last night. the rest still have to get here. I’m doing Anna for my 15 month daughter and Im not going to weight her and just fill her will polyfil so she will be super light!! But Favorite is probably Esmee. I also LOVE the Joshua kit by Didi Jacobsen but im trying to find a good price for him> Don’t like spending more the $65!!!

Awesome girl!
My favorite sculpt is Heather by BB. I have done 2 for customs and each one I have to basically rip out of my own arms to pack. THey are just so sweet.

Right on about Heather Katy - she’s my siggy now and I chose her to use beautiful natural blonde human hair. I will keep her because I know the little girl who gave me the hair - it is like it was on her own little head. She cut her ponytail for me and I gave her a doll for it - I just love the way it looks on my Heather!