The dolls that got us into reborns. Hello by the way!

First off, this is my first ever post here, so hello! But I come with an actual topic:
So I was wondering what dolls got some people into reborning. Its a really fascinating hobby to me. For me it wasn’t actually a reborn doll that inspired me to pick up my first ever kit, and try my hand at it, but a ceramic doll that needed some serious TLC I found at an estate sale. After repairing her arm, foot, and shoulder and painting her eyelashes, nails, and jewelry I knew I wanted to paint and play with more baby dolls. That’s when I found reborns and fell in love. My first kit is an Amelia by Donna RuBert., that my mother and I are painting together as a family project, since she’s certainly big enough for two!

This is my little girl Emily, that got me to love baby dolls, and start my adventures wearing her favourite bear hat, and sitting on my lap.


I fell in love with Shyann. I tried winning her on ebay with no luck so I decided to take a reborn class in my home town. Well now I’m hooked on rebornning.

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Welcome! My favorite is BB Riley so far.

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Butterfly kisses by Jen Printy.
Loved her face,but her arms were 1/4 and the legs were almost straight. But she was the one that got me looking into reborns.


Dolls didn’t get me into reborns…well, not really anyways! I wanted to have a baby, but as an 8th grader I knew I couldn’t and shouldn’t. So I searched on eBay for “baby for sale” and reborn dolls popped up! I got my first one later that year and looking back now, I paid way too much for it–it was painted terribly!
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Welcome to the forum.Many many years ago (about 15) I bought my first reborn,she looked so pretty in the pictures.Well needless to say I was in tears that I had paid that much for a reborn with so many boo boos that had been covered up in the pictures.My husband caught me crying over it and said well I guess you need to make your own.So long story short (or is it too late for that),I bought all the necessities and was on a roll from there on out.Every friend and family member were getting babies for about 2 years till I decided they were good enough to sell to support my hobby.I love making reborns and really enjoy hearing from the new mommy’s and daddy’s how much they love their new addition.

That’s adorable. I could only imagine what 8th grade me would have done with a baby doll, terribly painted or not. I probably wouldn’t have known what to do with it and just stared at it on my bed every day [despite me loving dolls now, little me never played with them, and teen me liked only adult looking ones like BJDs]. Did you keep your first?

Lolol awesome story. You made the right call. My first reborn was gemma. I bought her reborn by another artist then bought her kit to do her myself. So I guess u could say my first two were gemma

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Mine was Jordan, a playbaby by Lee Middleton sculpted by Reva Schick.

@jeepers @OneBigThistle Thanks!! Haha, I actually ended up getting another one that was painted a little bit better–I actually paid less for it than the terribly painted one. My dad told me I couldn’t have any more until I made my own. So I did research and ended up selling my two from other artists (regret selling the second one, because he was too adorable!!) to afford buying the supplies for reborning.
The poorly painted one was Sienna Pratt and the better one was Nod Rubert on a cloth body.

I can’t pinpoint exactly which dolls got me into reborns.

When I was little, I was actually terrified of dolls. I was told my late grandfather bought me a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was 2 or 3 and crying hysterically until it was taken away. I think I wanted an American Girl at some point in my childhood, but I knew how expensive they were, and I didn’t want to ask my parents for one just to tell me what I already knew. I didn’t really have any serious interest in dolls after that until I was probably 13 or 14. There was an ad up at our local supermarket’s bulletin board for an Ashton Drake doll. Took the flyer home, asked my mom about it, and she told me no because Shen was convinced I couldn’t take care of something that expensive and told me I was too old for dolls…alrighty then…fast forward to 2014. Just turned 22, freshly moved out of my dad’s place and in with the boyfriend. I can’t remember which of the next two events came first, but I somehow stumbled upon Asia Eriksen’s Werepups and instantly fell in love. Around the same time, my boyfriend took me to my first horror convention and one of the vendors there was selling Alternative reborn babies. Fell in love with a little demonized Berengeur, but was recently unemployed and unable to buy so I took her card. Started looking up reborns on YouTube and Instagram and BOOM! Instant hook!

My first baby was a custom Meg who I bought off eBay with a cut of a tax return in 2015. The artist forgot something I had asked for on her and shortly after receiving the doll, all of her gloss started to peel. So off to eBay she went, and she sold in July. Wasn’t involved in the hobby too much until I saw a Laura Tuzio-Ross sculpt on eBay in November with no bids and he was started pretty low. I won the auction and was DEVASTED by his paint job when I got him. Contacted the artist who painted him and was pretty much told “sorry but you’re SOL do what you want with it” so I tried to strip him. About a month later I bought my first kit from BB and a set of paints and made my first. Between December of 2015 and now, I’ve only completed three dolls, but I’m (slowly) working on one now, and I hope to be able to increase my painting in the future because I really enjoy it.

Welcome the the forum and the wonderful art of reborning.

I saw the term reborn somewhere was curious and started searching e-bay (cause you can find everything on eBay). I ran a cross a darling little Nod, bid on her and won her real cheap. When she arrived, I decided I wanted to learn and begin to research. The rest is history.

WOW, me too. I ended up stripping her and reborning her. Sold her on ebay many years ago

I wanted one ever since I heard of them way back when but always thought they were too expensive so never even looked into getting one. I happened to run across a boo boo baby Sugar on ebay at a bargain (or so I thought) and she should have been even less than I paid. The body was weighted about half as much as it should have been - and there was nothing in the limbs or head. The hands were discolored so I am thinking she knew she was selling her as a boo boo baby so didn’t bother to waste anything more on her. I thought I could do at least that good making one for myself - and so I made Gemma - and fell in love with the whole process and the rest, as they say, is history.

I fell in love with Kaelin Pratt and then Sammie Stoete.