The Cutest Pearl Awake on Reborns.Com

I’m not a huge fan of BB’s Pearl Awake, but I love this version I saw on reborns. com !
I thought he was so sweet! Reminds me of puppy dog eyes :pleading_face:

She really is special. I see the painter is from Russia. I have to say that over the years, I have noticed the people from Russia and that area of the world are very talented! Whether it is crochet, or whatever. This is just another example.


She (and her mom) are the ones that had all the controversy over using an illegal April Awake kit in the contest for Andrea Arcello’s prototype opportunity.
Tysbina Nursery won but was disqualified. They said it was her daughter (Ekaterina) who painted the illegal kit - sadly no one knows which one actually painted it. BUT both should know better.
Also Tysbina is known for altering the eyes on her work (looks like her daughter does it too)


Shes so cute! i love the pearl kit. I cant remember if mine was awake or asleep. But she sold within hours of when i listed her so i didnt get to keep her.

Omg, whaaaat? Wow! Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea who the artist was.

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I caught up on all the drama with her and her daughter- wow. They both need to black listed. Both very talented artists but the cloud of dishonesty surrounding both of them shouldn’t be tolerated

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Yes…exactly what I was going to post…but you beat me to it!!


Now that I know more about the artist, I agree with the other posters here. They do awesome work, it appears, but dishonesty ruins it all for me. I don’t like fake – anything really. But, I want a person to be straight up with me. Thanks for posting this. :slight_smile: