The Adventures of the Traveling Gnome

Thought you would enjoy this. My sister handed me a booklet telling me it was the rest of my Christmas present. The booklet had the following pictures and it was my task to figure out where the pictures were taken and where I would find my Gnome. These are either locations around the property or around my town and the neighboring town.

This is actually where I found him. However, I had to run to the neighbor a little bit and when I came home I thought—darn it!!! I should have taken the Gnome with me. Sure enough, I came home and it was gone again. This time it was easy, though. Just had to search throughout the house and porch.

Very cute and clever! Love the pictures and glad you found him!

All she would tell me is that the gnome was safe. So I was able to eliminate a few places. I was able to identify all but one place. But that was in complete darkness. My niece was here and was helping her. So I called her and left a message saying that I was driving all over wasting gas. She thought I really was and that I was mad. We strung her along for a while. Then I sent her a picture of me and the gnome and told her he was here all the time. It was fun. Now I’m going to be sure to take him with me and take pictures in places and make a postcard and make her figure out where he’s at. Hope everyone is having as enjoyable time as I did. Merry Christmas.

that is really cute!!

thats such a cute idea!!