That $23,000 silicone doll

What’s your experience with silicone body parts? The doll on eBay was beautiful, but I’m curious if it takes the paint differently, can you use Genesis HSP? I’m wondering because I have an Ashton-Drake silicone doll, and don’t like the rubbery feel, plus she picks up whatever lint, hairballs, dust, floating around in the air. (Yes, I have hairballs around all the time with 5 dogs and 2 cats.) How does the silicone body compare to vinyl?

It is very differant !!! The silicone does not paint the same and requires silicone paints > silicone only sticks to silicone!
These babies require wiping down and powdering to keep from collecting hair and dust !! but oh my they fell so squishy soft in your arms !!!
It is a huge process to do a silicone baby and the cost is VERY high for the maker -the clay to sculpt the doll $30-$50, the mold -$100, the silicone $200 and thats for one doll!!!And does not count the hundreds of hrs of work ,painting, rooting, dressing -They really cost alot to make and while they dont cost $23000 they do cost several hundred and is why they can sell for so much !!!

Wow, Cher, good to know! I think I’m going to apply some baby powder to my Ashton-Drake silicone doll, too. I really like her, but the little bugga picks up everything!

How do they do the hair on those, do they root it and then bake it to seal up the holes?

I would assume you root it before it’s completely cured or dried… I tried to get some into from my brother but he only has experience using latex.

Reborners are usually stiff lipped and all their techniques are top secret. I find all my info on OAAK fairy sites.

One day I will find all the secrets and share them with you. One day when I find time…