Thanksgiving something?

i was looking at old posts and in the past the forum has done SOMETHING for thanksgiving ! We have the dumplin for Halloween and the Christmas challenge… But what could we do for November? Any ideas? A swap? Round turkey? Something that involves us being thankful for each other!!! What do yall think? Any ideas?


I think another challenge might be too much around the holidays, but it could be fun to do some kind of a swap-cute clothing, kit, reborn, etc.


How about Native American babies? Ha! I’m Native Am. :wink:

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We could reborn a turkey!!! Lolol


I think a swap of some sort would be nice. People who want to participate could list their names on a thread and what size clothing their babies wear. I had ideas but they all sound flawed when I write them down haha.

Or, if that’s a bad plan, we could have a dress up contest. People could dress their babies as either Native Americans or Cowboys, then everyone could vote on pictures. I think that would be cute. Like a reborn pageant! There could be two categories, too! That way if people didn’t want to do costumes, they could dress babies in their best Thanksgiving attire/outfits.


I like your dressing up babies idea best!


@MichelleP20 @Blissfulbabies Thank you both!! :heart:️:heart:️

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