Thanksgiving Round Robin?

Does anyone want to go a Thanksgiving Round Robin? Let me know. We have time.

I’ll do it! Anything to keep busy! Plus it is just cooling down here so I’m getting into a fall mood finally. Leaves are starting to change colors even. So bring on more fun!

ok ladies who ever wants to participate we can take until November 7 to sign up. I will get names out that morning. I wanted to make sure the other went smooth before doing this. You know the routine. Kim I stole this. I hope it is ok. As they as it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

Theme is Thanksgiving or Autumn.
Nursery name;
Real name;
3 Are you willing to send packages internationally?

4 List the gender and size of each keeper you have.

5 Name 5 types of items you would like to receive through this swap.

6 What is your Favorite color ?

7 Do you use magnetic pacifiers, bottles, or hairbows?

8 Are you allergic to smoke/pets/scents?

9 What is your Birthday date? (No need for the year just month and day-please type out the month like October or Oct)

10 Do you like baby bracelets?

11 What is your favorite animal?

12 What is your favorite scent?

13 What is your favorite flower?

14 Do you like frilly or simple?

15 Would you like Holiday items for your baby?

I will be thinking about this one. It sounds like a lot of fun but with me still being off work I will have to see if it is in the budget.

Debora, that is what it is there for—“stealing”. I am glad it is usable.

I am reminding everyone it is getting closer to time to get new round robin partners. Any one else want to participate?

I might want to, what are the rules?

Rule one is to have fun!!!

Same as any Round Robin for the Thanksgiving one. Have some fun. Mail it on time. LOL Just remember fall or Thanksgiving. Be sure and let me know when you mail it. There is supposed to be a 25 dollar limit. So far I have myself and djjessie signed up.