I want to thank everyone who has been helping me with all my questions. Even if i happen to ask the same question. I’ve been getting so frustrated with myself lately. My RA in my hands have been hurting so much lately that it brings me to tears. And NO WAY is this RA gonna stop me from reborning. I am so glad that if i mess up you are here to help. At least try to. Now to get a good painting tutorial and i will be happy. Rooting is getting too hard on my fingers. Oh thre joy of 50+ LOL

Thank-You. I had my knee replaced 2 years ago and to be honest that was the worst thing i have ever done. I went into a bad depression. Then i lost my job which also ment i lost my medical insurance. I too am learning how to deal with daily pain also in my back,shouldes,arms,knees and now my ankles. My left one feels like i am walking on a sprain foot. But my two grandchildren keep me going. It’s funny, my grandson plays doctor on me. Says he’s gonna take all my pain away so i can feel better. Thats when my eyes get teary. Then there’s my reborning. No, the pain could be hard but no way am i gonna stop. So since rooting can be hard on my hands i’m gonna try painting hair. Ha- RA , ostioarthritis, is’nt gonna stop me.

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:x I have found something that helps most of these pains. welches grape frozen
juice with the yellow band. it’s not mixed with other juices. I add 1/4 cup of Ball pectin , it is dry . comes
in a jar for jelly., to a pitcher of juice mixed with water. I drink one 8 oz glass a day.
I had a hard time finding the jar but it costs less then the package. do try it.

Hey Jen, who is your siggy baby?

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My neighbor also swears by this recipe!

Gonna try this! Thank-You!

I hope that for those of you with real RA that you are being seen by a good rheumatologist. There are some MAJOR new drugs in just the last 5 years for arresting the disease. I have had RA for more than 20 years and in the beginning I had to give up hand quilting etc but I can honestly say that since finding the right combination of treatments for me I can now hand quilt and have no more issues with my hands. My joints in my hands have lost their swelling also. I have a lot of other issues but RA has become the least of my troubles!

Rose I will try what you suggest. Although I am very much against all the weird witch doctor cures that out on the market and touted by total con artists, there are a lot of “old wives tales” medicines that are pure and DO work. This has absolutely nothing in it that could hurt anyone except a brittle diabetic, so I am all for giving it a trial! Thanks for recommending it to us. We will have to call you Doctor Rose from now on! LOL

After all digitalis has been used for hundred of years and only in the last 100 years has anyone had to pay for it as a medicine…it is just a tea from the digitalis plant that is spectacularly pretty in the garden.


Yes i was seeing a great rheumatoligist for four years until i lost my job. I started seeing a new one and here is the experiance i have with him
1.called for an appointment and have to wait 5 months
2.3 months later first appointment he ordered blood work and ordered x-rays of my hands and requested. Never got my old medical records
3. had my medical records sent to him
4. 3 months later second appointment claimed he never got my records again. gave me RX for pain medicane and said “Guess we have to start all over again” so ordered x-rays of my knees. He also asks what kind of medicane was i on from the other dr and i cant remember since it was 2 years ago. Gives me a stupied look. I ordered my records again
I also want to say that at each appointment i am telling him how much pain i am in and my daughter is also with me so she too is mentioning that my pain gets so bad i can hardly move.
now my pain is now at the point that my knees hurt and are so tight i can hardly walk. Along with the fact my back hurts like a sharp pain 24 hours a day and my left ankle hurts like i’m walking on a sprained foot with now swells up .
5. third appointment. I found my old Rx’s and when i start to show them to him he says he does’nt have time to look at them. I tell him how my back hurts all day long and i’m now taking 3 to 4 pain pills a day. I also tell bout my ankle and he says yes i can see it’s swelling.
6. my next appointment is not till October. I give up my pain at times has me in tears. Going to see my family dr. for a new referal for another dr.

What i figure is , i have state insurance which is not as good as like United Health Care, Cigna or Blue Cross but i am happy to have it. I feel i am being treated different due to this. So getting the right medicane is not an option for me if i have a lousy dr.
If you ask your patient to get their medical records and there’s a problem would’nt you have your nurse get on the phone and tell them you want them ASAP? And why would you as a dr. ask why you are here and when you tell him he makes a remark "well thats because your family dr does not want to treat you. I’m sorry but i am a human being. Sorry i had to finally vent. I feel like crap. All i want is a dr. to listen to me and help me with the right medicane other than pain meds.

Know what keeps from being depressed, reborning. Instead of rooting hair all the time i’m going to start panting. Easier on my hands. I pray none of you lose your medical insurance and go through what i am just for a good dr.