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I did the research and I checked previous posts here on this forum and it seems “fair” to charge 300 for the artwork (assuming you are at a stage where you technique and quality are good) and what every you paid to make the doll (kit, body, hair, eyes).

I think my technique needs improving since I have just begun my adventure with this art form, so maybe some dolls I will price at the lower end, allow some beginning collectors to be able to afford a nice doll. I don’t want to low ball and create an unfair pricing structure for artists who work hard and deserve the prices they are asking.

I did see some some very high prices on eBay (1000.00-3500.00) I am assuming those were some expensive hard to get kits. I have yet to see a reborn (other than my own in person, we just don’t have them where I live).

I would love to visit the doll show in Utah at some point.

Again, thank you ladies I appreciate all the feedback and happy baby making.


Maybe we’ll both get to go next year.

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I know me too!!! I’d LOVE to go!!! I’m still holding out hope that maybe God will make a way for me to go next week!!! I really need a get away!

They are prototypes done by very skilled artists.

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Yes, those prototype babies sell for the big bucks. I’d love to own one, but just can’t justify that kind of $$$$$$ as a single parent with special needs kids.

Ebay is hard to weed through, IMO. There’s so much junk to weed through up there that unless you search a specific sculpt, it’s hard to get an idea of what’s going on there. Have you checked