Thank you Debora and Janet

Thank you so much Debora and Janet I love everything you ladies sent. You made my day I will be send mine out on Saturday.

You are welcome. We will have to post pics later!

I sure will. How are you doing Debora?

I am better thanks for asking. I had one of those days I cried and cried yesterday! The holiday stress and hormones! They are trying to chemically induce the change. It is rough some days. I feel brighter today. I have to go to work for a few hours tonight so a co worker can go to a Christmas party, I love working a few hours at a time 8 hours is so nice.

I hope to send mine out tomorrow. The plan was to send it out on Saturday but I just didn’t get it done.

Debora, I know what you are going though. Mine was done surgically and the mood swings are crazy. The doctor wanted me on a certain med but the insurance company won’t pay for it and at $110.00 a month I can’t afford it.I have another doctors appointment on friday so I will see what he says then.I hope you are feeling better.

I seriously do not know what is worse, the constant periods or the hormones flying every where.