Thank You Bountiful Baby for Your Excellent Customer Service!

Thank you, Bountiful Baby, for replacing the item that was incorrectly shipped to me. I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t even asked to return the incorrect item. Thank you so much for your exemplary service and commitment to your customers!! I wish more companies would adopt BB’s business practices.
THANK YOU!! :+1:


and the fastest shipping! lol


i love BB…whenever i order from them i seriously get my orders within 3 days. i think its because they are a family company and understands how their customers feel and how they want to be treated…absolutely great :smiley:

I have been dealing with bbabies for 9 years. I have never had a bad experience, they are the best. I highly recommend them to anyone starting out.

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I agree. I love doing business with them. I’m afraid to go anywhere else ad don’t unless I absolutly have to.

I have placed several orders the past 6 months and all got here in about 3 days. That is from Utah to Florida. Considering I can’t even get mail from my family in Arkansas in less than a week I find this amazing LOL.


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I love them, too! And LOVE the fast shipping and tracking number. :wink:

BB shipping times are the best, bar none!


Their sales are awesome and shipping is fast !!

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