I would love to see some Tessas… She has been on sale for such a long time and Honestly I did not think I liked the sculpt but then I saw one in person and it was Fantastic… I was just wondering if anyone had one they would like to show off

I have Taylor & Tibby (unfinished as yet) and have thought about Tessa too, but I’m not really fond of her or Stinker. Maybe one day - and I agree, I’d love to see some finished Tessas’ to maybe change my mind.

I am working on another one, but this is my little princess! I think Tessa is is a lovely sculpt, but her eye sockets are different sizes, and also crooked, which makes setting her eyes very awkward!

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Barb, she’s cute! I keep looking at Taylor’s head and thinking Oh No! It’s HUGE compared to most of the others I’ve done. How much did you need to finish her so nicely?

yes I really like her there is just something about the prototype I dont like I think it is just cause it looks so old but my son always make s this face when he is trying not to cry haha she was only 14 so I had to give her a try she will be my first BIG baby

Ummmmmmm…it was a year or so ago, but I think that Tessa has about 2 ounces of mohair on her, maybe just a tad more…2 1/4 ounces…

This is my little freckle face baby Tessa.

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— Begin quote from “Windeec”

I made two Tessa’s quite a while ago, but I created them as older kids. Also, I didn’t root the heads, but purchased ultra-petite children’s wigs for them. I knew there was a reason for the pouty face, so one I named The Reluctant FlowerGirl and the other The First Day of Preschool. At the time, I was proud of them… BUT as we all know, live and learn, with emphasis on the learn!

— End quote

Your Tessas are sweet!

Windsec I LOVE both of your Tess girls! The big toddlers do have an older look to their faces so doing the girls as you did is PERFECT! You are so clever!

Barb’s Tess is as sweet as can be! Barb does her toddlers really well…seems she likes the REAL kind of kid at that age too! LOL But the eyes in the big toddlers are whacko! When Barbara was here at Christmas we got her heads and my heads out and on each one of the like 8 heads the eyes were wonky! those of you who have been able to insert the eyes without problems in them need to be rewarded! Seriously. LOL


Go for it!
I will back your efforts for sure!

I always enjoyed these photos of the quads from a DF member.

http://www.doll-fan.com/viewtopic.php?f … ilit=quads

Wow those quad photos are great!!

I love the 2 blonds in that photo!