Hi all,
Just wanted to say thank you again to all of you who replied on my first topic. It’s always nice to feel welcome.
Anyways, as my Christmas break draws nearer, I want to freshen up on some techniques I’ve wanted to try. My veining is in need of some help, and I would like to try to add some mottling and more “alive” tones. Also, what rooting needles do you recommend? Last time I tried to root, I ended up breaking a tone of my needles (probably because the vinyl wasn’t warm/soft enough).
Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

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While you are still learning to root 38 gauge needles help, they break much less frequently. And warming the vinyl helps, particularly thicker vinyl. You can use a rice sock in the head also. Also watch the angle you are using as you root. Certain angles tend to cause more needle breakage. For veins, be subtle, don’t make super straight lines or sharp angles, use your veins or online pictures as a guide. Thin down your veining color if it’s too harsh but mottling and flesh layers over the top will tone it down nicely also. Post some pictures, ask more questions if you have them, and have fun!

I’ve never warmed my head when I root… But I do stuff the head full with dish towels so it is firm and doesn’t give much when rooting. A lot of people do warm the head so there is nothing wrong with that either. It is just whatever works best for you.

If you can master the forked needles, and I admit there is a learning curve, they do not break very often. I usually have to change needles because they become dull after rooting a few heads. Or at least I imagine they might be dull. They still work fine. Anyway, they are wonderful needles. Once you have practiced the needle position for awhile it becomes second nature and you don’t have to think about it all the time. There are threads on here, I think, about how to use them.


Mandy----instead of using washrags fill your head with polypellets and stuff a washrag in the neck to keep them in. The hair won’t catch in anything (the washrag) cause sometimes that will pull some of your hair out when you remove the washrags, Try it----it works really good and if your vinyl is really soft it keeps it in shape while you put the needle in.


That’s an awesome idea @lynn … Thank you!

Great tip, Lynn. I’m going to use that from now on. I have a bag of poly pellets just sitting around doing nothing. I never use them because they don’t add enough weight. I used to use them. Now they will have some work to do!

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Hey guys, glad you liked the tip but I was just passing it along-----It was actually posted on here some time ago by someone else and I am thankful for the tip too. It works great. Hope it helps you as well as it does me. It also weights the head so it doesn’t move around. Good Luck.

I just fill my heads with loose heated rice. Heating seems to make a big difference to me.and I break fewer needles that say. As for veins, try a 0 or 00 paintbrush form Michael’s, then blend them in with a sponge and blur some areas more than others. I also sometimes apply blush with a stiff brush and pounce on spots of mottling instead of using a picked cosmetic sponge. Has anyone tried the baby fx needles by the way?

I didn’t even know about them. Have you tried them?

I heard about people trying them and not liking them at all.

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