Technique test heads

I was very frustrated when I ordered a test head and got a pug. While it does say you could get either, I found it hard to practice a baby head on a pug, especially the area between the temple and ear. I’d really like it if we could get a choice of animal or human head.


It seems like it would be worth it to just buy one of the $14.95 sale kits and use it for test parts. I think the price would be about the same.

Just have to get one you won’t be tempted to make into a baby :wink:

I agree, go for the cheap kit and pick one you DON’T care for so you won’t feel bad about using it for practice, I agree with you it would be hard to practice on a dog head!!! I would think BB would understand that. You should have to ASK for an animal head, they know most of us are doing dolls.

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I do not think that the test parts are actually to practice your painting skills; as in making the whole baby. I used a leg when I wanted to try how to root. Sometimes I use test part just to make sure the paint is not too thick or dark, or that the brush I want to use is going to do what I want.
As already suggested, if you want to practice to actually paint a doll, get a cheap kit. I did several cheap kits before I dared to touch the more expensive ones.

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You can purchase a specific head in the parts section. Not all heads are available but at least you’ll know what you’re getting. I, too, practiced rooting on a test leg.