Tears? how to?

I got a pouty face doll that i think needs tear one but tear trailing down her face… Any suggestions? I’m thinking air dry gloss for the trail but what for the “tear”: Clear silicone caulk?

There’s a product called “baby tears” if I’m not mistaken. It’s made of thick, milky colored liquid that turns transparent after a few hours of drying. However, you shouldn’t use too much because if very thick, it will never turn translucent. I don’t like it that much because the “tears” are so thick it’s not easy to make a perfectly round drop.

I use ALEENES PAPER GLAZE! It actually creates tears. Here is an example on my Puddin doll - she has tears, a runny nose and her eyes have been “wet” with Aleenes Paper Glaze.
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Yup, Aileene’s Paper Glaze; be careful with the bottle applying it, a paint brush would probably work better than just out of the bottle, you’ll have more control.

Any suggestions besides Aleenes’s Paper Glaze? I am at Walmart and they are out of it. Any other product work just the same?

I used air dry gloss to create drool on the lower lip of an 8 inch Berenguer. I kept the head upright and put a small drop where I wanted it. I let it run down and dry. After doing this a few times, it built up at the bottom and I had a very realistic drooly lip. I don’t have a picture or I’d post it so you could see.

Link didn’t work for me, either. It says page does not exist.