Taxes at doll shows?

When selling at a doll show or craft show in another state… WHAT do I need to do???

Say I buy a table or booth for ROSE.
Do I just fill out papers provided by the Rose staff for their Vendors for selling in Utah?

Is there extra stuff to do?


Can any of you guys tell me :slight_smile:

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You might need a resale license. I’m in California and got mine from the Board of Equalization. There was no fee. If you’re going to charge tax, a tax calculation sheet is helpful. Or, you can add it into the price. Also, get a receipt book and use it for each sale.

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Did you need a business license or anything like that to sell there?

The forms to fill out for here in Utah are on At ROSE we also have someone from the Tax commission go to the first day of the show so that if anyone has any questions on how to fill it out they have someone there to ask. Last year we also send the forms to the vendors ahead of time so that they would have time to fill them out.

You do not need a license to sell at the show.

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Is this for all states. I am going to Florida.

I am not sure as I have never done a show in Florida. I would contact the people that are putting the show on and ask them. They should have the information for you.

I hope this will help everyone.

@AnnDee66 is it in this section?


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