Tanner's lucky day....one of the weirdest coincidences ever!

I gave away three reborns to the mission that has a charity shop for children’s toys (edited because I made no sense last time LOL) last year at Christmas. One was a Tanner. Last month, my dog Winnie was attacked by the crazy lady’s unleashed dogs next door, and I had called the police. They had visited me at work, where I had a toddler and my Will Scholl displayed. The cops, especially the male cop, were very impressed with the reborns I had here at work, and cuddled them and raved over them. He did not see the Tanner, since he was long since donated.
So, the policeman came to my work this morning, and said he had found a doll like mine. He had taken a call at an apartment around here about a dead baby on a fire escape. When he went to the call, it was a reborn, so he scooped it up, and drove it here to me. The one and the same Tanner who had been given away at Christmas in the other end of this huge city!! He was frozen stiff, and his clothes were all muddy, but he is fine, no marks or scratches.

My poor baby LOL!! He was not used roughly, so I’ll bet that he was appropriated by some older kids, and placed on the escape as a joke. Or, he was left there by the kid. The police asked around, but no one knew who owned him. I would love to know the odds of all this!! Not only for him to find a home around here after being donated thirty kilometers away in a city of three million people, but to be found by a cop who knew me, and figured he was mine, and wished to return him to his “mommy” as he put it LOL. Although he said he would have given him to me regardless, since he knows I donate some of the dolls.

Poor Tanner…now known as Patrick, given what day it is LOL…will be given to some little kid I know for Christmas…maybe the little one next door whom i did the full body one for last Xmas. If not, maybe my grand daughter Madi will adopt him. Anyway, no more fire escape adventures for young Pat!!! He will get a fresh diaper and outfit tonight, and hang out with Sean, my little Tanner-keeper.

Some little kid may be missing him, but there is no way for me to find her or him. The parents will just have to go back to the mission to get another one next Christmas. This little guy won’t be going back there…he has had enough bizarre advetures!!

Isn’t that the craziest story LOL…maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!!!

BTW…the young hero of this story is in my siggy LOL

Wonderful story! It seems he was meant to come home to you!

Awww, it must be the luck of the Irish! Maybe you should get Patrick to buy a lottery ticket for you

Very nice!

The luck of the Irish, for sure! WOW!!! That’s an amazing story, gosh!!!

That is an amazing story I am glad he back in a warm place.

Oh My Gosh - - - - - You can’t make this stuff up!!

Tanner was not in his ‘forever’ home. Now he will be! I love it when men get gushy with our babies…it is so cute!

That’s an amazing story! You must be so happy to have him back!

Aw I just love that story.Probably because Tanner is one of my favorite kits but I also love the Irish connection there.

What an adventure! The luck of the Irish was with you and Tanner.

Family couldn’t believe that story! You need to send it in to Reader’s Digest because it is really shocking to think of all the little threads that had to come together just right. A shame that someone is missing their baby but hopefully he just wasn’t taken care of instead of being kidnapped. Just amazing that he survived!