Taking kit out of bag

Ok ladies, quick question. When you purchase your kits and they come sealed in bags do you take them out of the bags? I had a weird experience with a kit I purchased. It wasn’t a kit from BB it was from another vendor. I left it in the bag and when I took it out the head was extremely greasy. You could even see it in the bag. I found this to be pretty strange and wondering what it could have been. Any ideas???

I ran out of room on my shelves where I stored them so this one was in a tote in the bag it came in.

I always take mine out of the bags and do an inspection, then I match up a body, eyes, hair, lashes and make a written list with the prices, sizes, what kit it is, and any pertinent information and put them all back into the bag, but I don’t seal it. Sometimes I add clothing too. I am always organizing and re-organizing my doll stuff.

And especially this time of year when I will need to do ending inventory I try to make complete sets and see what is left over to match.

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I do the same thing but sealed this one back up and put in a tote. The greasy stuff was not there at that time. But when I went back to go through the tote it was greasy. It was like this inside the head.

I always take mine out and inspect them, Then put them in plastic shoe boxes with a label on the outside telling what kit or kits is inside. The shoe boxes stack nicely under my work table.

As for the greasy stuff, have you tried washing it? I’ve had a kit like that but it was one I purchased from another artist and already had a coat of paint on it. After I stripped it, the greasy feel was still there. I tried cleaning with alcohol and dawn- neither worked. Pia suggested a matte varnish coat and it worked for my kit but again it was a different situation than you have.

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When i discovered it I did wash it in dawn to see if it would come off. It did but just never had this happen. I have never had a kit do this.

Secrist had MAJOR issues with this! You have to wash it and seal it before you reborn it! Since Secrist has sold to a new company, you may be out of luck, but they did replace Sparrow for me about 3 months ago.

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@ Pia, what in the heck was it inside the head?

No clue what the problem was, but I bought the kit from someone else and it was a total,“Crisco” mess. I did wash, seal, and reborn as a gift for a 6 year old so no issues with an unhappy buyer.

@ Pia, Exactly what did you seal it with? Crisco is without a doubt the word for it. LOL!!!

I think I used a VERY thin layer of Matt Varnish. If you google “Secrist oily kit”, I think you might find some talk about the problem. Secrist was replying them originally.

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@ Pia, thank you alot for the info. I love this site! Its nice to reach out with questions and get answers from ladies like you whom can give advise. Trust me I have many more. I am fairly new to BB kits. Alot of my kits were from Secrist and other vendors. I have been stocking up on alot of BB kits but not sat down to reborn one of the kits just yet because I have been working on others. I have noticed the color seems very pale and sometimes it also appears to look somewhat grey. Advise needed on the wash I should mix to help with this.