Taking a Break from Custom Orders

I think after a while making customs just wears you out. I have had very nice custom order customers, but lately have also had some that absolutely drive me nuts. One in particular asked for prices about many different babies, payment arrangements, shipping, etc. Then finally (over and over) " I hope I will like it", will it look exactly like the picture", “will it feel really real”, etc. Finally I just told her if she didn’t feel comfortable or have faith that I could create a baby to her liking that maybe she shouldn’t order from me. And that was the last I heard from her. whew!!

So I am taking a break from customs. Maybe start again in the fall.


Definitely not for the faint hearted. Im just hoping my orders slow down a bit so i can work on babies of my own choosing for a bit.

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That’s exactly how I feel. I want to create from my own visions.


Im trying to wein off of customs to for awhile. Ive had a few that i told i wouldnt be taking anymore till after July. I want my summer free to spend with my kids and not have to worry about a time frame to finish a custom. Ive got two that im starting this week, one of the two still hasnt paid me yet so im not sure what the deal is with that one. She asked for an invoice but hasnt paid anything towards it yet. Both kits are the same and will be painted the same so i figured its easier for me to paint them together. I guess if the other lady doesnt pay then ill just list it instead and not stress about it.