Tabatha question

I have a customer (Christmas time is reborning season lemme tell ya!!!) I have more than one customer, I have a bunch! This particular lady might order two or three alone!! I’m excited but nervous…may have bitten off more than I can chew, lol. But I’m off topic now, sorry. She LOVES tabatha, she wants to know if she takes a paci very easy with that pouty lil lip? Let me know if you know, ok? Thanks

it’s not too pouty. If you have a strong enough magnet in her head and use a Mam brand pacifier, or like wise, there is enough room for the lip. It should work out great. … 1346190509For some reason I can’t post pictures right now.

I did 2 of them and one i didnt put a dummy but yes i agree the mam one works well, one that curves around the face is best otherwise it will side too far away.

Best of luck with your customers!!! just remember if your posting your babies out to them you need to have them ready with enough postage time as post is slow over the xmas period!!! I have 21 customs for christmas!! LOL i have been working on them since start of October and I only have 8 left… oh stressful i tell you!! LOL

Do you get time off for eating and potty breaks!!! Forget about sleeping! How you manage to get babies made for that many orders is mindboggling…well, boggles what little mind I have left. Maybe it is because I’m in a painting slump. Been doing other things like sleeping