Switching limbs

I have a Lilli sculpt by Brit Klinger. I really love her face but she has a 3 pound head and 5-6 pound limbs. She’s really out of proportion and it looks odd. My dilemma is that it’s a LE. Do any of you swap limbs on a LE kit?

Does she look out of proportion? If she looks ok, maybe you could take some of the weight out of the limbs to make the weight more proportional.

It’s not the weight that’s disproportionate. It’s her head and limbs. I just don’t know if it’s a good idea to put alternate limbs on a LE.


I just looked up pics of this sculpt and it looks fine. Have you stuffed the head and limbs in a stuffed onesie to look at the overall effect?

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Her head is the size of Teagan (16 inches) but her limbs would fit Naomi (19 inches). She’s a preemie with full term size limbs. I think I’ll try a smaller body and see if it looks any better.