Sweet Ethon

When I first saw the Ethon sculpt all I could see was my now 22 year old son Christian when he was 2 months old. I couldn’t find a picture of Christian at the time, but I remember him clearly in his little denim jacket. So when I got Ethon I dressed him in a denim jacket and took a picture. Today I found a picture of Christian. Yep…they match, all the way down to the same pose. :heart_eyes:


You are absolutely correct, that is a perfect match. Mammas memory hasn’t faded :wink::heart:

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Wow spot on even the way the fingers are open.


Oh wow . That is a great match

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WOW…Ethan is the spitting image of your son!!!

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Ethon is going to be a hard one to sell :heart_eyes:

What a great match! So cute!!

Wow! What an amazing match even down to the pose!! So great!!!