Sweet and Sassy Kit from China

Hi everybody,
When I first got into reborning (over a year ago), I did not know anything about anything and I bought a kit on Ebay because it had such a cute face. Since going through my closets, I came across this kit and looked it up to find out that it is a replica of the Sweet and Sassy kit by Dee Stastny. Of course now I know better, however; if I reborn this kit, should I just give it as a present? I can’t really sell this, since it is a copy cat, right?

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Thank you, I will reborn and gift it. I just didn’t know if it was legal to sell it if you gave full disclosure that the reborn is not authentic.

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I agree with Anita. Unless you reborn with air dry I think I would just toss it. Safety is a concern and hurting any reputation you have worked for is also another concern if you were to sale it. If you do reborn it I would either donate it or keep for your own collection.

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I would not worry too much about the possibility of unsafe chemicals, they use raw materials that everybody else is using. Most kits are made in China, as are all play dolls and all the other plastic that you use in your homes. The people who produce the copies of kits very likely also producing legit the kits, and using te same materials.


Ludmila has a point im sure the sculpts are crontacted out to factorys in china so all are made of pretty much the same thing but since the chinese company who sold it actually STOLE this sculpt i would keep it or gift it too.
It wouldnt look good to buyers if someone was selling fake sculpts.Although i would have done the same when i first started not too long ago either .No idea sculpts would get stolen by others!! Nothing is safe!!

Thank you for your input. Now that I know better, I realize how unfair it is to the sculpter.