Swaps gone bad ....then good

Here are the results of a swap gone bad but then the kind heartedness of forum members. Hopefully you can understand my hesitation to do it again…but you all have restored my faith. I’m taking the plunge.

Below is a link to the photos from that swap. The chocolate baby is what I received. This was from a person who only showed up to be in the swap. No posts, etc. Gena is the baby I made. Cozy is the baby a forum member made for me. She is the person who received Gena. It was such a surprise baby. So, please, only do this for the love of the craft and the friendships created here.

KimKasaKaitas shared an album with you.

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@kimomax We have it down! Almost everything goes with out a hitch!


That’s what impressed me. There will always be that one person but with check points and the willingness of others to step in, it makes it worthwhile.


Yup!!! :grinning::grinning::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:grinning::heart:

I remember all too well. Not sure if that’s the same year I received the Tibby full of DIRT, but I swore off swaps after that until this past Easter Swap and @lisalampe made such a gorgeous baby for me, it restored my faith! Not sure yet, if I’ll do this one, but so happy to hear that you’re on board @kimomax! :thumbsup:


Hope you do it again :grin: I just signed up!!!


OK you talked me into it! I’m IN! :smile:


Karen, I believe it’s the same swap.


Niki i actually laughed at the doll full of dirt? Amazing!!To be kind the chocolate baby possibly the creator is very new and picked a harder doll than she was able to do.Lets hope thats it .
Guess didnt know about shading etc .I havent gotten in a swap because i KNOW i couldnt compare to the nice dolls people here make and it just wouldnt be fair to my swap partner.
Plus i literally dont have a place for babys to keep them nice . My house is way too aninal heavy My one doll Ive kept ive made is laying on a kneeler in my livngroom covered with a blanket

The chocolate baby’s creator I think didn’t have a clue. It was VERY thick brown paint, very solid. You could almost peel it off. There was nothing at all on the palms and soles. Paint had rubbed off the knuckles. It was a shame. I stripped the kit and repainted it. The parts still sit in a box.



Oh yeah Kim I remember that. Makes me scared to do a swap ever


I added more rules about member activeness this time around! :smile:


Izzy has done such a great job checking. All of You ladies that are here all the time have given your heart and soul. I feel there’s less risk of getting a chocolate covered baby. Lol. So those if you who were around at that time, come on and join in and take a risk. You guys are great.


The lady who made chocolate baby actually made a YouTube video of her packing him all up lol! I saw it years ago.

Sorry you had such a bad first experience but I think this time around it’ll be great!

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Even if some issues come up we have more than enough backup volunteers this time! :thumbsup: