Swap : do's and don'ts

I have read a lot of old post about reborns swaps. I want to participate in one for long now.
I can host one, but I am not sure if I could participate then.
I have found that the past ones have been very different.

So what is the best way to do it ?
Do people must give a list of kits they want, or not ?
Do they state their preferences, or not ? (Like hair, skin tone, eyes etc…)
How to match people ? By experience ? Like beginner, intermediate ? Or totally random ?
What about international ?
Box opening or not ? (I mean lot of clothing and accessories)

Those who have already participated or hosted a swap, can you speak about your experience ?

I would love to host one for Easter but I need a direction. I may ask someone who will be willing to swap with me outside this one just to be fair.

Need your input !


I don’t know anything about how they work but would be very interested in finding out. It sounds like it would be lots of fun.

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Click on the spyglass and type Easter swap. There’s lots of info on past ones.


Yes I have read it, and a lot more ! It seem a bit complicate. I have read one about a Halloween swap that seem very well done but was cancelled.
I like having a list of kits to choose from, as it sad when you receive a kit you totally dislike.

We used to do them a lot. I think they dropped when there was so many new people. It was to hard to match skill and regulate.


I’ve done one with friends and we all listed our top 5 realborns. We swapped bald babies. Then recipient can leave bald or add hair later. I think with a forum this big there needs to be some regulation of skill level. In the past people have turned in photos of their latest work, and then host with some help decided what level people would go in. It does get complicated. Maybe you have to have painted x number of babies to participate, and those under the minimum could do a beginner swap? Although I think photos are a better judge of skill level…
As far as what you send with a baby, that would just have to be agreed upon. In the past we’ve done just a onesie, paci, and hair accessory, with my friends we did sleeping babies in jammies.


Pictures of previous work seem to be a good idea.
In the Easter 2017 swap, I think they where 2 people who match the participants, after seing the wip pictures, maybe ?

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It seem scary ! I am affraid something like that can happen. Maybe if one of the rule is to be an active forum member for at least a year ? Like for clothes swaps and traveling boxes ?
For me tho, I will be less scared to trade with someone here than putting a lot of money on buying a doll from someone I don’t know.
You can be scam everywhere nowadays.


Sounds so complicated.

I think if RA want a swap she/he can post it here, on the forum, and take offers by PM - not to offend anyone in case of rejection.


I think it’s the best way to go.